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Anyone Close ??

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Cool.  Can't say I've seen one before. 

In case anyone else was as curious as me, 11015 US 23 South, (must enter off of Sr 762), Lockbourne, OH is the address

That isn't close to me but I'd be curious what the winning bid ends up being, please report

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Wow, seen em before but never for sale and never, never 3 boxes all together like that, Wow and double wow !! Not gonna bid but very interested in the final $$ if it comes available, thanks for posting  Danny !! Well I have 3 different route choices, guess I'm about as far away as one can get ?? Wait I think Brad has me beat ?? And oh I forgot I still have 50 miles left till I actually hit the sand of the west coast, so not quite as far as I can get, shortest route 2489 miles "no sweat" ... image.png.303209e261b4574a2ef0baf0d4dada1d.png





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About two hours for me. I have no doubt there will be several marble collectors there. Not sure if I will go ? Not sure if I want to waste gas, a entire day and come home empty ? Some rare  and high dollar boxes.  

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