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Akro Friday


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I know I've already posted this one but the oxblood in it is near black, an almost anemic type color, all my other blue aces have the lighter colored ox. a pic of it alone and beside a regular colored one for comparison. " Oop's" Happy Akro Friday all.



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1 hour ago, Ric said:

Nice Akros!


I don't collect them but I have  a few.

I don't collect them either but I sure ended up with amess of them, every time I bought a lot or went to an estate sale and got some there was always Akro in there so I decided I would keep the best and sell or give away the rest, well the rest is starting to build up or creep up on me

A very nice multi Ric, man those really used to draw the $$ anything over 3 colors really set Akro collectors off. Nice and wet, I see why you kept it. :thup:

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39 minutes ago, Berryb said:

Two of my favorite akros. No matter what I do the second photo will only load upside down. The last time I posted this pic it was right. Thanks


swirl ox yellow1.jpg

cork green ox1.jpg

I like the second upside down one, good amount of ox for a limeade, a great mib !!!

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15 hours ago, mibcapper said:

another cold .. windy friday nite .... :tv-062:






Here in WA.  as well, I don't even want to go outside the moisture laden wind cuts right into ya, wish I would have lived a little closer to a mib factory, I like cullet, kinda nice to have cullet to go along w/ the mib. Good show Bill.  Ya musta recovered from that last dose of popcorn ??

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56 minutes ago, mibcapper said:

hmmmm .... monday can be friday with .... akro .. :party-243:

akro match (4).JPG

akro patches 011.jpg

akro patches 014.jpg

akro patches 019.jpg

akro. buckskin match.JPG

canton 017.JPG

cullet marble.JPG

decatur 045.JPG

snakzzzz 004.jpg

cullet 011.jpg

Like the tabbed ashtrays Bill, did you get the two in the 7th pic ground down from "cullet" "remelt's" or what, just curious !! By the way as always thanks for the pix. The cullet matching is great !!

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7 hours ago, Chad G. said:

Like the tabbed ashtrays Bill, did you get the two in the 7th pic ground down from "cullet" "remelt's" or what, just curious !! By the way as always thanks for the pix. The cullet matching is great !!

thanks ... yep ... leroy ... marblemender .... ground them from akro cullet. almost 2" on both .... bill

digs2 008.jpg

digs3 013.jpg

cullet 007.jpg

cullet 013.jpg

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1 hour ago, disco005 said:

Holy cow Chad! That top left, is that just a plain white patch??

White patch2.jpg

Yes Jess, not many around anymore I know, but there are some. Did a big thread on blueberry and other ade's on the other forum, just about any color they made had a patch to go with, because of the small number of the white ones I take it they weren't a big hit with the kids.

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9 hours ago, mibcapper said:


akro trays -expermintals 045.JPG

akro trays -expermintals 012 - Copy.JPG

akro trays -expermintals 026.JPG

akro trays -expermintals 064.JPG

akro trays -expermintals 030 - Copy.JPG

akro trays -expermintals 044.JPG

akro trays -expermintals 031 - Copy.JPG

Nice short tabs Bill :thup: The mib aint nothin to clown at either !! Christmas time, that popcorns gotta be the good stuff !! I only got one short tab and one long after I was divorced in 09 kinda wiped me out, lotsa Akro ware with oxblood in it though. I miss them smokers sets I had. Ah well only a piece of glass. I'm gettin there " slowly "   🐢 

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Oop !

 I thought it was Sat. Lost one somewhere there. Here's a dome I bought at an antique store for $20.00. It was full of thimbles being that's what it was designed for in the first place. You can see the little upraised bumps between the mibs, I just put rubber o rings in between each thimble holding bump and I was in business. I ran into another One at an estate sale, also full of thimbles, the same amount of shelves but a little bigger in diameter $ 30.00 this time after they took out the thimbles. I Googled these and $75.00 each, plus mine rotate and te ones for sale didn't, a nice set of displays at 1/3 of the price. I have since went to flats and wall mounts for space reasons.


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I've lost track of what's posted and not so I'll go to a favorite store and post some of their goodies for a little Friday night Akro education. I haven't smoked in over 12 years but still enjoy the glass, I have some tabbed ashtrays but that's it, here's a little variety for all you Akrozoners.

Short tabbed, shown in oxblood


An Akro black amethyst Hamilton match puller ashtray


A very early Akro agate ashtray, check out the early embossing on this one.


The embossing on the bottom "AA" Akro Agate, a very plain but rare ashtray


Akro hexagonal design


The dreaded Akro ellipsoid, even the name is cool


At 1 1/4" tall these thumb pot are tiny, I have 2 of them one is already pictured and is uv. The rarest 2 colors are black & amethyst, the little dimple in the bottom is a knockout if you want a plant in it, used for a water drain. Every size had these.


I better slip in a few mibs just to make it legal.

An egg yolk ox


an imperil cork


I can't believe it Steph, I got rid of a double post, deleted it completely.

peter piper pic...... never mind I bet I could never pull that one off again !!



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Friday is almost over, Here are some pictures from "mibbage's" old site ( Chad Cline & Charles Williams ) the site has been gone for 5 or 6 years now ?? but I saved several pix of marbles they sold including original packaging also. Here are some Akro boxes for you to look at, Thank you "Mibbage" for the great pictures of marble history.



















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