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Found something awsome in a 2nd hand store 

No idea what it is used for in the past but its perfect to setup some marbles 

122 marbles it can hold





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Glass or Plastic? Any way to acquire information from the seller pertaining to what it could be, or what the seller described it as when for sale? Would be interesting information 😊

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I have something smaller but similar. 
It is 5”X 5”, made of glass, mold pressed no doubt and the little glass marbles are ¼’. Some of the marbles still have remnants of a seam that looks to be from a “bullet mold”—go figure.
The glass plate has two sides, one square and one diamond. There are no markings on the box or paper work but the glass is mold stamped, “REGISTERED”, “REGISTRE”, “MADE IN”, “CZECHO-SLOVAKIA”.
The original owner wrote her name in the box, she lived in Lowell Mass.
The paperwork with it used to make some ”registered/registre designs”.
Cool stuff Mojo, I hope this helps.

P7140003 (2).JPG

P7140005 (2).JPG

P7140012 (2).JPG

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