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Inherited collection..

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Just inherited wifes g.Pa's marble collection an now looks like im a collector too.. spent hours online trying to learn as much as possible.. looks like i can learn alot from the pros here.. I'll be asking some dumb questions soon so I'll pre-apologize now.. thx M. Pool.

Soon to be retired timber faller .. No. CalifPXL_20220806_054656232.thumb.jpg.bb9ed41a56a58f374faa9f4b08f403e6.jpg



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"Welcome to Marble Connection Mark"    :wave2:

      Looks like your marble has a good chance of being an Akro slag but hard to tell from just one view ??  In the future try to post #@ least 4 views including the seams if any are present, this will make the I.D. process much easier, the focus is outstanding. More opinions will roll in soon, again,


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chad G.

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Thank you sir.. just been reading(ravenously) the site an trying to learn..its takes time to get a eye for i guess.. the folks here are amazing.. i will follow your advice when posting.. thx for having me.. M. Pool aka reconzero


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