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A Ghost From The Past


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1st - Hi Steph been quite a long time, but you and the community have never been far from my thoughts.

For those who don't know me, my name is Bill.  I first became part of the marble community in 1998, at a time when Ebay didn't even have a category for marbles.  What do I collect????  Better question is what don't I collect, lol.  But my preference is vintage machine made.  I also to a liking to early (2005 - 2010) runs of Jabo marbles, especially the handpicked box sets.

My likes:  Steph will attest, I love addressing questionable Ebay listing and not those listed by individual which lack basic knowledge but those that intentionally mislead new collectors.  Oldtimers don't take kindly to individuals that knowing take advantage of others.

At 66 I am finally fully retired and enjoying the American Dream that my wife and I fought so hard to achieve.  After 7 years I am looking forward to participating in a passion for marbles shared by a group of very special people.

God Bless


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Welcome back Bill,

There was a new thread started a few months back regarding questionable ebay auctions and it sounds like it might be right up your alley. Sorry, I could not locate it today.

I look forward to your posts and insight.


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Hello Bill,  :wave2:

                Glad to meet ya & Welcome back,  GOD Bless you and yours as well  !!  Excuse my delayed welcome :) having one of those days !! I was checkin out your "out of round"  grading post earlier and evidently was wrapped up in something else as well??



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