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Anyone into marble pouches?


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I collect pouches—well because I rebuild boxes. I jumped on this one recently –just because it rang some bells. 
I cannot find it or ID it. It is a “Rubberized” fake leather. These usually flake off with age and heat. This one is not too shabby. The back is the best of course.
I think that it may be from a “Master Made” box. 
I may be losing it after all. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks and Marble—On!!




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Thanks for the jobber box tip. 
I found it. It is from a rare un-marked (name wise) box, so I do not feel too bad about my memory today. I found three that are close with the same wording on similar pouches in the “Rosenthal jobber boxes”.
Here is a link to AAM
And one image from a Grist book.



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48 minutes ago, Akro75 said:

I always thought that box came with Pelts

Here is the odd thing. 
These are the marbles that came with the pouch. The exact number that came with the box and I do believe that they are all “Master Made”. 
Three clearies came long for the ride and they look vintage as well.
I am writing the seller as I speak—lol. I do not mind a beat up box at all.


The marbles.JPG

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10 hours ago, Fire1981 said:

Is the red and gray one a common marble bag a kid could buy 🔥


That theme has been repeated on pouches with the smooth side of the leather out and on some artificial leathers as well.
I like the one with the simple circle, nothing fancy—just “enuf said” with one simple image on the outside.
It is pretty cool to have one that you grandmother made for you, a real keeper that one.

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Thanks Al,

I have been pursuing a box like this for years.

Even needing rebuilding they are out of shot for me and I have bid on some pretty shabby ones😁.

I do believe that Akros came in these, other makers marbles as well. An earlier Jobber box for sure just like the “Rosenthal jobber boxes”. They carried a few differernt makers as well.

I wonder who marketed the nameless one that you show.


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I have a lot of pouches in storage and I was digging today and found this one—pretty cool imho.
I knew that The OP rang some bells. I like this one better. I do not recall this color in a box but I bet that it was----or will be if I can help it.

Green one.JPG

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