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Another 7/8ths Vitro


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Not that I know much about Vacors as I only have a few samples from long ago but, Vacor/Mega Blue Macaw is easy enough to find in Google search: Transparent blue with patches ( photo and link Attached) And, yeah that does look like an older Vitro, but never seen any in those colors as well. Albeit, while I have quite a few Vitros, [Hundreds of different examples sorted in different types of about 10 each verity of types. Basically, excepting a couple of mesh bags most others came in lots that I consider free } So, I am not much of an avid collector of them either, but got the same Vitro vibe too. . 


Blue Macaw Collector Series Net Bag Glass Mega Marbles Vacor 1 Shooter 24 Player 754316776172 | eBay

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