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Pelt Color Combo


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9 hours ago, Jeff54 said:

Kryptonite makes Superman weak.


In this Peltier; like the topic marble, although not highlighted, as the topic, is also a panel or section that's the same blue in a superman. Yet, I took this photo below over 20 years ago and as with it, red ribbon is there. It's a NLR of the earlier verity. Both the red and yellow are oddly unlike that of a Superman. It would be considered one but there's too much green. With that I chose to call it a Kryptonite as it is dull for the red and yellow weird colors and lacks the usual full blue one would normally have.

For the comic book old school kids names of marbles and popularity associated with them it would very likely what I would have thought about one like it even though it's not the emerald green depicted in the comics but one that was radiated.  In the newer verities, the red and yellow like superman appears with green and no other Peltier does that. , without a name, that also has the green that lacks a given name, seems suitable as a Kryptonite as well. 

In all good humor virtually, a Superman verity that got radiated. It is so with the topic, there is clearly Superman blue and mixed with the blue base is green-Ish, 'radiated'  😁

I mean, if one of the oldest styles has these colors, I think it would follow suite in the newer, like the topic. 


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