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Are these all reds?


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9 minutes ago, Ric said:

They pretty much do look like All Reds but I think MK made some that are very similar too, and the seams on these look kind of long for Vitro . . .

That’s what I was thinking. They were in my all reds and didn’t look quite right. 

thank you. :)

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There is one example in this group of dug MKs that Steph posted in the Study Hall in 2017.


And there are a few in this bag of Gladding era Vitros I have . . .Ric626.thumb.jpg.3e00784b83398916be0ccbe8ec52f175.jpg

You decide. 🙂

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Just now, Dave 13 said:

Hi here is two out of one of my Marble king bags

Thanks, Dave - great addition! I don't have any in MK bags - at least that I can find at the moment. lol

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