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Stolen marble

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I had a marble stolen from me. The story is not worth explaining. The marble was 3/4 or 7/8. It was a clear base Vitro with multi colored frit. Is anyone familiar with this marble. I think it came from a very short run. 🔥

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Good stuf Dave13. I have never heard of these before.

Sorry Fire, to hear of the bad juju.

I could have sworn that someone ripped me off awhile back--until my wife found it in the dryer--yikes!


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25 minutes ago, Fire1981 said:

The link won’t load for me. Was there a women with the last name of Davis involved in the run 🔥

Rick, they're linking you to a thread about Vitro Confettis.    

I have this old link where I saved an article from Pete's land of marbles newsletter.  I don't see the name Davis.



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