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Green Base with Darker green, Blue and brown 0.568 Thanks again:)


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Anyone else have an Opinion on what this might be? Not that I don't trust Fire lol That guy is one of the good ones for sure, but I do love getting as many of all your thoughts as possible and really been wondering about this one for a while :) So could he be correct? Might it be Peltier or possibly CAC. Thanks again all of you very much. I do eventually list some of these marbles on Ebay and just want all of you to know that if you see one of my Ebay listings that you think is wrong, misleading or if i made any kind of mistake in any form at all please, please do message me as i am on here to learn first and foremost and secondly because I am slowly trying to sell a large portion of my marbles and if I do decide to list and attempt to sell a marble on Ebay or elsewhere I 100% definitely want to be as accurate as i possibly can always. I know that not everyone always agrees on an I.D. of a marble all of the time but i do try to reflect that. I also mostly let the buyers decide the value by starting the auctions off at 0.99$ with no reserve as well to try and be fair as I know a marble is only worth what someone will pay in the end. I saw the other stuff going on with another seller and pricing here recently and just wanted to be transparent and say my piece, i guess. Thanks again. :) Here is a link to my Ebay store:) https://www.ebay.com/usr/trinket_junkies 

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