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Not a slag rather, it is mainly a WV swirl pattern. I am though, surprised you'd call this a slag Fire as it appears to be a white ribbon swirl. No road and tunnel either, just random swirling white strand in transparent yellow. No clue who made it yet I do not suspect CAC.

Yellow and white swirl, I don't think I have or seen something like this color mix as it would stand out so, it's a like 😉 either way.

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1 hour ago, Fire1981 said:

OK ! So…? Now what ? ID on a WVS 🔥

WVS, I have been away far to long to recall what I'd considered back then, of the 100's I separated.  However, I should not infer this on your marble B/C I do not know all of what Peltier's still unidentified may exist and laying in the vast WV swirls mountainous piles .  .. 

And, but, so, I'll give you this and your photos: Loops or a strand of colors where the cut off begins and ends at the same spot. So, if you can follow one end through the marble, from all your photos it is going  to end at the same spot in this photo, of yours,(below). Peltier did that on the few called exotic like surfer construction. ?? How in the heck did they do that? Imagine, if you will; take a ribbon or better, spaghetti and fold half the length hold both ends and wad it up into a ball where both ends are easy to see, that's what's going on here. It may be incidental when cut, it just happened. Yet, if not then how did it get half inside it and cuts show as if it was intently looped and then cut. That's a potential pattern that might show up in WV swirls that can be ID'd for it. I do not think Peltier because something would have showed up in site digs, bags, boxes etc. Yet, maybe somebody else did it too.  Random or intent? A single strand (ribbon) cut off, beginning and end is in one spot, that makes it looped. . 



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