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Solitaire ?

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Looks like a solitaire bord 

Looks special 

Anyone have more info about this one ?

Correct bid is $60 

Dunno if its worth it....

Help is appreciated 





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2 hours ago, PittsburghMarbles said:

The original would have been ivory, at least it looks like ivory and looks like it would have been from the mid 1800s. I 99.99% guarantee that ain’t an original. 

Yes i see a "real" one on a auctioneers page sold for $350 , i think thats cheap if its from ivory 



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Yes its a replica of scrimshaw ivory board made I believe from resin - I've seen this one before. I think the outside hole pattern may be to receive small pegs for the card game cribbage.

There are a few different designs of these faux scrimshaw boards around - I have a couple but don't display them as I think they're rather ugly!! No idea who made them or when but there are quite a few in the UK.

I wouldn't give it houseroom if it was real ivory but that's just me!!!


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