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Rays Sulphides


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I read that Ray is not going to be making any more sulphides? Here's a few of his

First is the Twin Towers with the American Flag


Next is Gandolf-one of the set I got from Lord of the Rings


And Dopey from the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs set


Sorry to hear he is giving it up.


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I'm so bummed to hear this!!! Ray may not be considered one of the (cough, cough) "Premium Marble Makers" (said with a "snooty" voice...) But, I think he is grossly underated for his ability to "Think Outside the Box" and take on a challenge!!

He decided to attempt a contemporary cat's eye... Not only did he do it, but they are WONDERFUL marbles!!!

When Tom Reed challenged makers to recreate the birdcage, Ray was the only one (to my knowledge) to step up to the plate!!

In his single, quick reply, it was very evident that with only a bit more "playing around" he could have it down cold....

I'd always hoped to see him do more with the "Sulfide Scenes".... I know these were tough work and I don't *think* Ray was able to do it alone (What I saw had been done with Scott Meyer) But, what a cool idea!!! Using multiple sulfides to construct little villages and scenes!!!

And, I'll always have total respect for his ability to recreate sulfides, but always in such a way as to make them easily distinguishable from the antiques...

I hope that Ray will stay with us.... If not as an artist, at least as a fellow collector and friend!!!


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Wow! I am so bummed out and I am very sorry to hear this news! He made me two sulphides last year for my kids with their names in them! They loved them! Here is a picture of my son's along with some other of Ray's marbles. The rainbow colored one is one of his cats that you were talking about Sue! My quick pictures do not do his marbles justice. Is he just not making sulphides or all marbles?




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