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Pelt Baby Rattle


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Anyone ever seen one of these? Not mine. A baby rattle with pelt peewees. The orange on it glows very brightly under black light. A baby toy with little marbles and glowing plastic????? Seem safe to you, lol.





Name of this type pelt? Possible value of the item? Any help will be appreciated. :)


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Carole, they look like either Rainbos or even Kokomos, but not older style NLRs from here. I maybe wrong though.


That's what I was thinking! But the whole kokomo thing is still so fuzzy I didn't know whether I should say anything. Plus, for all I know pelt peewees could have an entirely different ribbon personality from the standard size.

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well i would say it was made before they found out marbles are choking hazards for kids.

maybe these rattles were how people found out when the rattle broke apart.

bet there was a recall or stop sell on these long ago.

anyone got a way for seaching long ago recalls.


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