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Some more Pelts. Note: This Marble King label is from before the Marble King company was founded. Sunshine Rippled Wheat premium: Worcester Salt: (click to enlarge) And these playing it safe,

I used to spend a lot of time on ebay looking for pix of high end stuff.  Got out of that habit.  But here's a recent one:  

Sharing a few Fruit Cocktail and clear based types 

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On 2/11/2018 at 10:53 PM, cheese said:

Wow, some sweet pelts!


Jerry... I'm beginning to think we have the only "toucans" on the planet. I still haven't seen any other than our three. Surely someone else has one.

Here's mine:




Saw one at the Decatur show this week, not for sale unfortunately

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I found these two digging at the old  Peltier factory.

They are 5/16". I figured they were made for something else, but read, in this thread and elsewhere they made 5/16" marbles.

Wether or not it's considered a marble, I think they are pretty cool, and from Peltier is a bonus.



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The group in the first pic are finds from pelt factory dig. They are all either broken or melted and all halves or bigger. The big one is very UV reactive, so are the yellow and the red one.

The second pic is just one of my favorite pelts, I am not completely sure but I think it's got Oxblood on top of one of the red ribbons, I have three other paired mibs just like it, but this one has a different "red", when held up to the light, it's opaque unlike the "red" in the others that is definitely not opaque, and this is much darker and has blackish streaks in it. Either way, it's in my top 5 favorite pelts of my personal marble collection, just for the aesthetics alone (which is usually the reason lol)



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