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Some new Peltiers for me. Number one is UV active and the ribbons smear on the second side. Number two is a twisted rainbo in MCS colors, but the base is a translucent blue. Number three is nothing special. Rainbo in MCS colors. Number four is another MCS, but I love how white traces along the edges of of some of the colors.






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Glad you both like that one. It is the only one I have ever found but I sure wish to find more. One with heavy Av would be great! The Av in this one is a little light. I would love to find one with as much Av as my Blue Wasp. Or heck why not a Blue Poison Bee, now that would be cool if it exists. =}


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I seem to have had this little guy in my Peltier collection for a while. Looking through my Peltier boxes, this caught my eye. At first for it's colors and the I discovered that under a bright light the green was full of aventurine. I know the NLR Rainbos had/have aventurine, but this is the first regular Rainbo I've seen with aventurine. It's damaged. A gouge that I wish wasn't there. And it seems there is another ribbon of red hiding under the green opposite the red that shows. So a six-finger Peltier. A hair less than 1/2". Red, blue and aventurine green. Even with the damage, I think this is a keeper. Haven't seen anything like it.





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