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Cross-posting is good with this bag for sure.  I guess I still don't know if any were made after the Marble King company was founded -- were they all left over stock from the Alley years?  Five years worth of old stock?  

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I dunno.  That's weird.  I tried to post one of your pics myself and it came up as a link for me also.



Your Maybe-Vitros showed up okay in the other thread.  Could it possibly be the space in the picture address?  



(Edit: After I hit submit that picture showed up.  I had the address in IMG tags, which we don't usually need anymore.)    



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That's a nice little bump, John.  I was enjoying the bright colors.

Then I looked up and saw Paul's and I almost fell out of my chair.  How did that happen?!

I understand Ric's.

I understand John's.

I don't understand Paul's.

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4 hours ago, Steph said:

Oooh.  Neat.   You thought you just had a black and white marble, eh?

It's actually a deep purple, kind of lost that in the pic and yes I thought it was just a common single color MK..... lol

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