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Oh looky what came today! =} I am not a huge CAC collector, I choose to put my efforts towards Alley when it comes to swirls. However, I have always wanted a Colbalt Guinea! So while she is not perfect to most she is to me! Just over 11/16 and below 3/4 and look at that coverage!


Untitled Export375.jpg

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On 9/2/2009 at 2:11 PM, Steph said:

Here's a famous color combo / style, the Blue Lace.

Here is a seamed version from a Marblealan auction. Would this also be called a "Striped Transparent"? Seems like it would but I am very hesitant to jump to conclusions about CAC's. :-)

(click to enlarge)



There is also a swirl version with the same colors of glass. I'll add a pic when I come across a suitable one. I'm not sure but I think that might have been a "mistake" to call the swirl a Blue Lace, but at the same time I think the terminology has caught on pretty firmly. Sorry, that's a fuzzy recollection of something I didn't quite understand as I read it the first time. So I'll have to fix this post when I learn the answer. If someone would care to add the correct story, that would be great!

This wouldn't happen to foot the bill, would it?




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Not mine!   Marblealan sold it.  

The blue and amber is a famous CAC ... the part I'm fuzzy about is whether the striped transparent version is called Blue Lace.  Or if only the swirl version is called Blue Lace.


So did Pelt have a similar color version?  Or were you sold a CAC by mistake?  I don't know the answer to that.


Don't know what happened to my "click to enlarge" option.  Here's a bigger version.




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