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A little about how the study hall is organized:

It is organized loosely!

What is now the study hall started as a single thread called "A Work in Progress". It has branched out quite a lot from that single thread, but it is still a work in progress.

The lists of links pinned in this top tier contain are links to threads which I have found interesting when I read through them in the past, now grouped by topic to help make it easier to find them again.

The Mostly Pix threads in the next tier were intended to have extras in them. If they look like a haphazard assortment of photos, there's a reason for that. That's what they are! happy.gif

They were not intended to be a primary source of information on any of the topics. Mainly a place for pictures which I have found elsewhere on the web and have not yet seen in the other threads on the board. With the occasional comment and additional link mixed in.

I add the photos as I find them and because of the way attachments to posts work, it would be hard for me to reorganize any of the picture threads, so they are what they are. happy.gif

Edit: now that I've started hosting the pix at Photobucket I might be able to organize some things better. Something to think about anyway! lol

In addition to the Mostly Pix threads there are special topics threads created for fun or information when a subject struck my fancy. And you are welcome to add any special subjects which strike your fancy. Basic, advanced or esoteric.

Where do the photos and information in the study hall come from?

I can only speak for the posts I make here of course.

Some of the information is "common knowledge". This includes information which can be found in multiple references. I try to give links to my sources for more specialized information, and sometimes even for the "common knowledge". When I am quoting anyone, I try to make that clear. If I have failed to do so, it is an oversight which I will correct whenever I become aware of it.

Many of the photos here are from eBay auctions. I am trying to be more diligent about identifying even the auction photos I use. Any study hall posts I make after the date of this writing (Aug. 24, 2007) will have explanations of the source of the image, if I know the source. If I do not know, I will make that fact clear, and I invite any information you have to clarify the source.

Edit (Feb 2009): I may not always state the source. Some photos are donated somewhat anonymously. If you write I might be able to share source information with you.

Can anyone post here?

Well, sure!

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