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Moss Agate Type Marbles

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Coolness!  So much gaze-able beauty.


And I'll say good chance on the bottom one. Moss Agates did occur with white as a second color.  Looking at the official Akro names which could be responsible for the "ringers" with their whispy white, it seems most likely that they were moss agates, and that some just looked really nearly clear inside, leading them to be confused with popeyes.  

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That's a tricky one. 

I could see it maybe having come from an Ace run but one with little white. Might need some of the white in there to get the opalescence. Have you seen the Peerless peewees which almost have a clear base ... just a wisp of white?  [Very late edit: I'm pretty sure I would have meant to say Acme Realers there, rather than Peerless Patches.]

 Since we don't see Aces identified very often, I've often wondered how short the production time was, and if it was short then why that might have been so.  And one of my guesses was that it was hard to control the consistency of the Ace base. 


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I haven't seen the Peerless peewees, but I will search them out now .

I think that is great speculation on the short run of Aces, too much white = opaque? Not enough white = above marble?

I really like the mooney-type base with bubbles.

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On January 27, 2016 at 3:17 PM, ann said:

Would you consider this one I just got to be a mossy swirl?

Don't know from mossys, myself . . .

Lemonade hybrid swirl.jpg

Ann, I really dig this style too.  My example is a little less filled than yours, and even has the green ribbon.  I'm crazy about this marble.  Also, super nice mossy ones up there Jessica!  Wow, that grouping is great! Couldn't we say moss corks or moss snakes with these?


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