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Sad News About Patry Denton

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I recall selling a couple marbles on eBay to Patry. It made me feel like "somebody" in the marble world because a big marble name person had actually bought from me, a very green and inexperienced newbie. It makes me sad to hear that she is gone.

Sounds like she was a lovely Lady, my prayers are with her family.

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Hi Everyone:

I hope you can see this post -- and it isn't stuck in some historic folder. This is Heather (Denton) Kelley, Patry Dent's daughter. I wanted to let you all know we are having a Fine Art Sale for Patry which should include nearly 60 or 70 original paintings (some of which are marbles, also including the "Lucky Marble" one shown in the photo's above which won many international awards. We wanted to share her art with much of the public, not that there aren't thousands of paintings already sold by her, but it is time to downsize what paintings she wanted us to keep, the ones she meant for us to have, the ones we wanted, and what we could live without. I hope many of you can attend, or if you know someone in Denver looking for a BEAUTIFUL AND BREATHTAKING painting on their wall, you will send them to this Fine Art Sale! Feel free to contact me should you need a flyer for the sale, or should you have additional questions.

I know she enjoyed each and every one of you – and especially HER MARBLES!!!!


Heather D. Kelley (hkelley@sah.com)

Facebook: Heather (Denton) Kelley

Fine Art Sale in Golden, Colorado - February 27th - March 2nd for a fabulous internationally known artist Patricia (Patry) Denton – Former MIBSTER -- known for her paintings of marbles, flowers, and many more – over 60 or so original will be on display for sale. Please come if you can!

Email me if you need further information: Heather (Denton) Heather Denton Kelley



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Hello Heather. Thanks for posting this news. I'll move this thread temporarily into the main chat forum so everyone can see.

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