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  1. Upcoming Marble Show Info.

    12th Annual Orange County Marble & Pendant Show! April 7th @ the Howard Johnson Hotel in Fullerton CA Show goes from 9am-5pm Vintage and Contemporary Marble vendors and Artists wanted! Vintage tables are $60 and Contemporary are $100 last year the event went extremely well! and hope to have an even bigger turnout this year Please message me on IG @orangecountymarbleshow or @keysglass or email me at Jayson@marblesbykeys.com Thanks so much Marble On! Jayson
  2. 11th Annual Orange County (Ca) Marble show

    i definitely will Steph! thankyou very much
  3. Hi guys! Due to Rich's health i have been asked to run this awesome show from now on! Please message me if youd like to be apart of it! and add the shows IG! @orangecountymarbleshow The 11th annual Orange County Marble Show in Southern California. Antique and Contemporary Art Glass Marbles, wire wraps, pendants or jewelry March 18th, 2017 At the Howard Johnson Hotel 222 W. Houston Ave. Fullerton, Ca. 92832 For room reservations, Call… Phone – (714) 626-7830 Open from 9:00 to 3:00 on Saturday, March 18, 2017 NO admission fee and parking is free too! For more information please Email me! Jayson@marblesbykeys.com The Center Ballroom will be the location of the 43 vendor tables on the bottom floor. I encourage you to contact your friends and ask them to stop at the show and check things out. If you help me spread the word about the marble show it would much be appreciated. Thank you!!! Jayson Keys @marblesbykeys