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  1. My first Marble picture

    Thank you Dave. I will have to look them up on eBay.
  2. My first Marble picture

    Hi Steph, I am uploading a picture of the marble. To the left is a bigger marble, to the right is a smaller size marble.
  3. My first Marble picture

    Hi folks, This is my first marble picture. Not sure if it can be properly viewed. Had to resize it just just for uploading. Does anyone recognize this type of marble? Am I rich? Thank you, Lonnie
  4. Looking for Marble holder

    Would like to thank everyone for their replies. I have some new ideas now. Lonnie
  5. Hi Folks, Could anyone recommend a marble holder for each individual marble? Would like to find something to store marbles in without scratching them. Then to open up the case for show. Does such an item exist? Thanks ahead of time. Looking forward to hearing from you. Lonnie
  6. Good Morning

    Hi Folks, Glad to have found this website. On Saturday I purchase a jar of marbles at an auction. Have been to several auctions in my life. But this was the first time to buy marbles. Hope to learn more about marbles from you guys. Thank you, Lonnie