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  1. Any help

    I know they are orbs do they have any value?
  2. Look who picked up a few new marbles.

    Ok will try that tks AL.
  3. I'd plase

    Ty appreciate it.
  4. Look who picked up a few new marbles.

    Ty and working on my resizing lol
  5. Can't seem to post pictures help

    Ty Steph figured something out.
  6. Look who picked up a few new marbles.

    New to collecting and thought the blue ones we're toothpaste ones but probably not lol. Also never seen those ones in a group or bunch before wondering if I have any value here in any of them?
  7. I'd plase

  8. Pictures on my phone and saying to big to be uploaded don't know how to make them small enough to let me post appreciate help with this.
  9. Handmade German Swirls

    From 1900 - 1930 all have double ponytails and 2 mica. There are 37 in all in nm / mint condition, if anyone is interested let me know email or send me a message on facebook under the name (hillbilly husband)for pictures $300 for all of them. Won't let me post picks file or size to big.
  10. Are any white marbles worth anything?

    Ty Steph for info appreciate it and your time.
  11. Are any white marbles worth anything?

    I have 4 sets of white marbles ones that are just the plain white color game marbles worth nothing but then the others one set looks like they have a vary lite blue color to them and the others look like pearls.
  12. Not good starting off with silly or stupid question?

    Ty so much for your input and advice find everything helpfull and appreciate your time thanks guys.
  13. Newbie Here

    I'm looking forward to all the information and nullage input and comments and opinions of all willing to share got the bug looking for marbles everywhere I go I'm even seeing them in my sleep lol. Tks for having me.
  14. I know it depends on the marble size and condition but I was wondering if there is a rule or set price for a marble / for example what is a 1/2 size patch or swirl marble worth..10 - .50 - 1.00 interested in buying a bunch from someone appreciate any help or advice.