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  1. Marbles I need to sell

    Hello everyone, very cool site and the forums are interesting. I have a picture of 21 marbles that I've had since the mid 1970's. My grandmother who lived in Monroe County, Kentucky gave them to me. I am in a situation were I need to try to sell them, I've researched them and can not tell the value of them. There are 21 all together. I've talked to people in pawn shops, toy stores, and people who, buy, sell, trade antiques. Again, I would like to sell them. Please make offers. If they are sold, I ask that the buyer pays the shipping. If needed I can provide other pictures of the marbles. Thank you everyone.
  2. Marbles I need to sell

    Thank you so much Steph, for all your help and information. If you know of anyone who is starting to collect marbles or would want to pick up a few, I'd love to part ways with these. Thank you again.
  3. Marbles I need to sell

    Thank you for the info, any idea what a fair price would be for all of them?
  4. Marbles I need to sell

    Feel free to contact me at trapshooterdoubles@yahoo.com