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  1. Help identifying Jabo collection

    Yes some cases are marked. That is how I know about some of these. A few are dated as well. As soon as I get enough time to photograph and catalog what I have, I'll post them here in my gallery for you. I have updated the size and description of several I posted already. I recaptioned them. The ones listed as half inch, I'll have double check them.
  2. Help identifying Jabo collection

    Nantucketdink, I can definitely get photos and upload them here to the gallery for you. Will be a couple of days until I can get it done. Have you had the chance to look at the ones I posted already?
  3. Help identifying Jabo collection

    Thanks again. All help is most appreciated. I know I have some 1/2", some 5/8", some 3/4" and some 1". Some seem common, some are not. Some are "hybrids". There are a couple cases of glowers. I have some from May of 1995, some from fall of 2003. I have 'Pink Ladies'. Rare reds and yellows too.
  4. Help identifying Jabo collection

    Ok so I added an album with some photos of what I have. Will add more as I take them. I have so many different types. There are about 30 cases of 1/2" and the larger 1" shooters. I'm so lost not knowing what is what right now and need a lot of help.
  5. Help identifying Jabo collection

    Thank you Steph. I appreciate that.
  6. Recently inherited a sizeable collection of JABO brand marbles of different types and sizes. Almost all are from the closed plant in Southern Ohio. Help is needed identifying and placing possible values to them. Please help. Not able to upload photos here.