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  1. More Marbles

    Large amount
  2. image

  3. Assortment of marbles

    These marbles are for sale open to offers
  4. Boulder

    Finally with much trouble I was able to load a single pic
  5. Boulder

    Largest one I have for sale
  6. Jabo Joker Oxbloods Limited Run

    Why is it so hard to post pics. I am loosing interest fast. And I am here to tell you I have everything that is being talked about in here. I just can't prove it because I can't post any pics!
  7. Uploading Photos More Than 400 Kb

    This is just ridiculous! I just can't seem to post any pics. I can't download Picasso there is always a reason why it won't load to my apple six. I can't even load a profile pic. I was not norn into this computer stuff it just makes sense. I going to try to upload pics to my email add I have everything I have Ben seeing here! For sale go to celticdruid007@icloud.com
  8. Group Of Assorted Oxbloods

    I have all of those and plenty of them how do you post pics
  9. In Search Of...

    I have all of those and more what do you pay
  10. How do I post pics from my apple 6 phone