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  1. Hi Folks

    Welcome... let's see some glass!
  2. French collector

    Welcome French Stephane..... Nice marbles you have there!
  3. Oxbloods... show me some please

    Yep, I thought the same thing......
  4. $868 ??

    $144 per marble.... Why? I guess I am missing something........
  5. CAC flames

    well...... now my keyboard is all wet from drool.... Those are REAL BEAUTIES!!
  6. A few Akros

    Beauties!! Steph, you are encouraging her.... better watch it! (LOL)
  7. Butt Cracks

    WOW... now that is a bikini at the beach if I have ever saw one....
  8. Y'all ever see a Jabo like this?

    WOW.... that is some really good insight into the Jabo company. How did the 99% pure silver work out? What runs contained silver or gold? Sounds very interesting!!!
  9. Y'all ever see a Jabo like this?

    LOL... well, that is a pretty good explanation from where I sit. Thanks Steph. Mike
  10. Y'all ever see a Jabo like this?

    Very nice! Well, here we go, par for the course if I am involved..... I think I know what aventurine is.. (maybe)..... but what is "lutz"..?? Is aventurine "caused" while making green glass? Seems those go hand-in-hand. Mike... (aka, confused as usual)
  11. Yep, this does make me feel better.....LOL. (still... I want my Ox.... sniff, sniff)
  12. Those red and yellow ones really turn my crank! I LOVE that color combo!! That is a nice group of marbles. Non-swirl people have a screw loose.... you have to over look them.....LOL. (I am a swirl nut!!) Mike
  13. Butt Cracks

    Uh.... when a plumber bends over to work under your sink?
  14. Jabo....(maybe)

    This is one that I got from the same seller I have been getting the Jabos and Dave McCullough marbles from lately. She listed it as not sure but thought Jabo. Anyway.... does this look like a particular Jabo run to y'all? I know one thing for sure.... I LIKE those colors!! Mike