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  1. OK.... Here is a pic of me from a couple of years ago..... That's me on the right standing by my Grandmother... (My cousin and I are about to go play marbles......)
  2. Oh yes! Those are really nice Steph! Mike
  3. Thanks! I guess I need to look up Alabaster to what the rock looks like. Every time I think about this one, I take it out and look at it. There is so much to see in it. (There looks like there might be a little red in the second pic).....LOL Mike
  4. It measures at about 1 5/8".... it's a big 'un.
  5. Well, it's round but it is a rock (I think)...... The lady at the antique store said this is alabaster. Sure is cool with all the layers.... I like it.
  6. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    If the Road Runner can run into it but the coyote runs into a wall, then it is a tunnel.
  7. Hmmmmm...... miniature dinosaur eggs. The look more like petrified jelly beans.
  8. Marble gifs :)

    I can do the roller coasters because it's like I am driving...(LOL). It's the spinning things that get to me. LOL.... I do like to stand outside the spinning rides and watch other people get sick...
  9. Davidleatherman's swirls

    SWEET bunch of mibs. The ones at 12:00 and 3:00 are my favs of the bunch. NICE!!
  10. Ready to Learn! ID Help please!

    Well, congrats on your rare marble. Sure is nice to have one of those "find you" occasionally.
  11. Marble gifs :)

    Well, I just can't look at that one very long without getting a bit nauseous.... Help.... But, then again, I can't ride the spinning rides at the fair either.
  12. Wow... a real steal at only $100.
  13. Hillbilly Magic

    Red and yellow in harmony like that just gets to me! Yes, they are beauties! (Thanks Steph!!)
  14. I just found these for sale and had to have 'em. I LOVE the colors! The seller listed these as Jabo Hillbilly Magic. I am by no means a Jabo expert but I do know these did some magic on this hillbilly. Enjoy!
  15. what the..

    I see 3 or 4 marbles I would like to have but lying on top of all those moderns just makes me a bit nauseous. ?????????