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    A good marble book?

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone could recommend a good marble identification book? I keep seeing the name Michael Johnson thrown out there as a book author. Does he have a general I.D. book? I like to get feedback when I ask for marble I.D. and everyone here has been great. I just don't want to wear out my welcome asking so many questions. Mike
  2. Mikie_T

    Do these look like Christensen?

    Thanks! Very good lesson!! Mike
  3. Had to have a marble fix so I found these.... They were listed as Christensen but even more, I just like the way they look. The larger is 11/16" and the smaller one is 5/8". Do y'all agree?? And one more pic of the smaller one..... What say ye? Mike
  4. Mikie_T

    Do these look like Christensen?

    I have learned a lot in this thread. I do not see that tale tell seam on the ones I just bought. So I do agree possibly early Akro. I believe I read that Akro bought marbles from MFC and the furnaces and equipment used by MFC was bought by Akro after Charles Christensen died. That sort of says to me that Akro sold marbles that were really close to the look and manufacture of MFC. SO..... I know one thing about these marbles I just bought. I LIKE the swirls and color of the base glass. They are interesting marbles. I am still too green to pin a maker on a lot of marbles but I am getting there...... thanks to everyone here. Thanks for your help everyone! Mike
  5. Mikie_T

    Do these look like Christensen?

    Yes, I agree now that you point that out. No seam..... I think my vote is starting to move over to Akro. Thanks for the observation!! Mike
  6. Mikie_T

    Do these look like Christensen?

    Well, I just looked over on Marble Alan's site and I see an CAC that is a dead ringer for these. Interesting read about how CAC made their marbles.... (Borrowed pic below) Mike
  7. Mikie_T

    Do these look like Christensen?

    Yep, I like the one with the wave too. Almost looks like smoke. (FUN!!!) Uhhhhhh. Christensen marbles are an area I don't know anything about really. I guess I need an education on M.F. C. and Christensen Agate....
  8. Mikie_T

    Making my own Marbles!

    WOW.... those are real beauties! I like swirls and those are GREAT!! Mike
  9. Mikie_T

    Easter bunny laid a glass egg

    Yes, I am sure I have one somewhere. I might have to get that basket and set it out to see if the Easter bunny will leave me another glass egg or 2.
  10. Well, no new marbles lately but I did run across this cool little glass egg at the antique store last weekend. The lady that runs the store was quick to point out that it "has a pontil". So as I examined it, sure 'nuff, it does have a pontil mark. I am not sure if it is very old (Probably not) but it is cool. On the small end, there is a small "wrap" where the maker didn't completely smooth it out. So, it is a neat egg and I like the colors.
  11. Mikie_T

    Easter bunny laid a glass egg

    A couple more.....
  12. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    Those are some sweethearts! I love the one with the tongue. And it sure is nice to be able to find one in the wild! I need me an Oxblood fix now. I'm on the prowl........
  13. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    I love looking at Oxblood marbles. I have a scarce few but I know you guys and gals have some nice ones. Here is a pic of 3 of mine..... I will kick in more as the thread continues. Mike
  14. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    Now that is a beautiful marble. Really beautiful color complement. WOW.....
  15. Mikie_T

    First post! Please help :)

    Hello and welcome! Marbles are fun. Go get yourself some more! Mike
  16. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    I agree... that is awesome! Mike
  17. Mikie_T

    Diane Wise

    My condolences....
  18. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    WOAH..... That is a sweet heart!
  19. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    Oh yes... VERY nice. Thanks for showing!! Mike
  20. Mikie_T

    Hi Folks

    Welcome... let's see some glass!
  21. Mikie_T

    French collector

    Welcome French Stephane..... Nice marbles you have there!
  22. Mikie_T

    Oxbloods... show me some please

    Yep, I thought the same thing......
  23. Hello all, I just purchased a marble that the seller called a "Jabo Gold Lutz Explosion". Is that what this is? And does anyone here have one like it? Not sure if this is the true name for this marble.... but I LIKE it!! Mike
  24. Mikie_T

    $868 ??

    $144 per marble.... Why? I guess I am missing something........
  25. Mikie_T

    CAC flames

    well...... now my keyboard is all wet from drool.... Those are REAL BEAUTIES!!