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  1. I believe if it was a Pelt there would be white between each color instead of the colors being side by side.
  2. I’m on the Jabo Train here as well
  3. The only thing I can think of is a really jacked up Akro Corkscrew. Does it glow ?
  4. I’d say the first one is HTF
  5. It’s not a Left Handed Twist. Look again . If the twist is a clock and it starts at 6:00 and the ribbons hit 9:00 and then Noon it’s right handed. Lefties go from 6:00 and hit 3:00 and then up at Noon.
  6. What Marble Planet do you live on. That’s a crazy Wild Score for sure.
  7. I have a few Black Chinned out here. They definitely inspire my to paint.
  8. So what ! No body is going to give you any grief. Just because they are old posts doesn’t mean they don’t apply to whatever thread is being talked about today. Threads are always open for discussion.
  9. So I’m with Tommy on this one.
  10. I have a 2 marble dreams. One is a bunch of hand mades that are part of a concrete retaining wall I’m trying to retrieve. The other one is digging up marbles in a garden and trying to make sure I don’t kill all the plants in the garden. The other one which is off topic is my pet monkey who rides a motorcycle and plays a harmonica. He’s always on the beach. I would say these are reoccurring dreams because of the location and theme that is always there. WOW ! I just unloaded some serious dream information.
  11. Always buy the marbles you like regardless of their value. If you like them then that’s what counts. Just don’t get ripped off.
  12. Not a Pelt. I’m going with MK FWIW
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