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  1. Fire1981


    Really ? No one else is gonna take a crack at this one ? I’m not going to list names but you guys seem to be MIA on this one. I could say something stupid and call it a Cats Eye. My second thought is a sloppy lazy corkscrew.
  2. I’d say Akro on the first one and MM on the second one. The seam configurations are the traits I’m basing this on. FWIW
  3. Fire1981


    I think so. Looks like their blue in the 3rd pic.
  4. The glass looks older to me which takes it out of the running to be a Jabo. FWIW
  5. I think the last Pelt might be an Inky. Maybe
  6. The CAC is special and will be of interest in this thread. I think the corkscrew could be somewhat HTF. FWIW
  7. Start by sorting out the ones that glow.
  8. I agree on 1 and 3. I’ll kick the can on 2 and say Vitro.
  9. I think that box is in the books.
  10. Holy Snap ! We’re those by chance Brian Epstien’s box ?
  11. It’s my understanding that the Glass Master maker at Akro figured out how to make Oxblood. I think his name was CJ Fields. It’s my understanding that employees from other factories got jobs at Akro and tried to steal the “formula “. True ? Kinda True ? Or just a bunch of Bull Carp. Scramble Carp and you get Crap.
  12. WOW ! That’s a lot of BS over a piece of glass. I say “piece of glass” because Ravens like shiny objects and I seek out anything made out of glass. That sounds more like drug deal that didn’t end with a handshake
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