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  1. THANKS !!! And thanks for commenting....I will look for those vitro.... they all go in bags then in boxes....when I retire I will open them back up will have more time
  2. Yes they are.... i will try to find them and take a picture
  3. Hello everyone! Just tested positive for COVID.... big time bummer ... got lots of time sitting in my room so i thought i would go thru some of my marbles I haven’t gone thru yet...... seeing anything interesting///// let me now
  4. I thought I had a Popeye patch?
  5. Yes the one on the left is a german handmade, in really good condition. It has color bands on outside , it's dirty. Have to clean them! The jar was full of vitro and peltier, than those 3 odd ball ones. Must of won them or traded for .... the stories marbles could tell if they could talk.... lol
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