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  1. 🀞...thanks for the input Rick..πŸ‘
  2. Size is .68in on #1 .60 #2 The first 2 pics are of the poles or seams ..then I spun it on the axis.. Thanks for looking
  3. That's a twisted mib ............great one Bill.....thanks for sharing. 🀯
  4. Good looking one at that ..nice colors πŸ‘
  5. Awesomeness πŸ‘Œ..sign me up ...can I order 2 papers delivered lol
  6. Thanks .it it a MCS. πŸ‘ Don't think there is a special name
  7. I would say Vitro to all..IMHO. 😁
  8. Well it is supposed to be in the 90s here but it has been over 106 ..relief is on the way highs in the upper 90s next week lol .but you don't shovel hot..lol just heat exhaustion 😜.
  9. Was doing a little Rock hunting in Lake Havasu Arizona. Baking in the Desert and millions of years untouched..
  10. I work conventions and the jewelry show was in here they were throwing these boxes away. Lol I grabbed a bunch. They seem to work pretty good diffrent thickness of the foam I think they were for ringsπŸ’. They are for marbles now lol
  11. Went to the old mail box ..happy Akro Friday Had to have these ...😁
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