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  1. Wow Bill those are awesome 👌 . Must look incredible in hand....I will find some lol . There has to be a few that are waiting for me......😉
  2. I'll take a Crack at it 🤪 Master Akro Vitro Patches are tricky.. nice mibs Joep 👍
  3. Lol 😆 was watching it also . I have a total of 0 sparklers..high on my list but gonna wait til a marble show. Got a few eggie ox maybe 🤔 some trades idk went last year on the last day of the vegas mib show . I had no clue about marbles. Now I can't wait to go to a show..what's up with in room trading I see that on the flyers...
  4. Ohhhhh yea.... And ohhhhhh yea..thanks for the candy .....the red slags..if that what they are are exceptional 👌. That yellow with the red.....🤯
  5. Tommy

    All Vitro?

    And so it begins again back to the vitro boxes.
  6. Tommy

    All Vitro?

    Thank you Ron...I learned something again today.....I'm so glad you share the history I think it makes the collecting more interesting and important..
  7. X2 cool Pelt...matrix junk is awesome I believe a Rainbo is the type William 👍
  8. Thanks Steph and Rick....👍
  9. 5/8 in Popeye patch ?. Or is it a Vitro?
  10. Thanks Chad....I think these are them...🤯
  11. Anyone have any pics of Popeye patches 😁
  12. 🤣 Screw Head...🤣 Pelt Head..🤣 What are the other nicknames...
  13. Tommy

    All Vitro?

    Nice thats helps visualize 👍 That pattern in the backlit mib is black you can barely see it until it is backlit...
  14. .62in thanks for looking 👍
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