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  1. My wife got me these as a surprise. 😁
  2. Awesome. You all even answered questions I didn't even know I had..👍👍
  3. Ron you are awesome. That just clarified a bunch of questions I had all in one post..
  4. Thanks again Ric. That explanation gave me the ahh ha moment. I can see it clearer now when I'm looking at it now. The info you all have is absolutely priceless.
  5. I posted some of the big wales mibs thinking vitro. So then I had to go through my cabinet and pull what looked like wales .some are hard to tell apart. But now with the white and green vitro as a reference I can jar up the Japanese. And make room. As always thanks
  6. Thanks Ric. I'll take any cents I can get .🙂
  7. Chad your input is always appreciated. Thanks
  8. Im confused on brushed patch, all these measure .64 except the purple patch is .58. The wales type Japanese marble is throwing me off .is it glass quality and the seam pattern that distinguish these apart from American mibs. Last pic is all wales Japanese mibs?
  9. In the kids box they go,,,thanks
  10. What sizes do the wales come in .they are vitro clones lol.are they rare?
  11. I got lots to learn . Appreciate the info
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