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  1. Tommy


    Cool thank you Chad. I was in with my swirls I put in a box. now I'm looking through again finding cool surprises.
  2. Tommy


    Hey Chad does this mib have a name or a family group or is it just a labeled nlr Just wondering thanks for all your help.
  3. .62in Doing some sorting . Thanks for looking
  4. Thanks everyone. The brown is hard to capture the pattern in.
  5. Yea those didn't come out rightπŸ˜”
  6. This has got to be some kinda chocolate mib . Thanks for looking
  7. .96in A little beat up but got a nice purple. And a deep white.. Guessing Vitro
  8. Tommy


    Thanks Chad..πŸ‘
  9. Tommy

    Two too ID

    Vitro Akro Wait for someone else to confirm Slightly educated guess πŸ€” from a freshman lol
  10. Tommy


    I like the direction your leaning 😁...
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