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  1. Here fishy fishy .... Love it Steph 😀
  2. Just amazing everyone. Wow ...must be incredible in hand....🤯
  3. 10 more days til the vegas show ..... I can't wait to see some awesome Pennsboro Alleys and some well all of them ..
  4. That is just eye candy......💥💥💥🤯👏👏☝
  5. I would put the first one with my Alleys until it turns out to be another company's lol. Endlessly sorting swirls ... Maybe the blue is a Pelt slag. There are greater minds that will know for sure....👍
  6. I agree with Bill. It is confusing enough just to get the marble maker identified .
  7. Not turkeys. WV swirls are a fun bunch to id . Check out Stephen's videos on you tube very helpful
  8. Thanks Ron. I did not know it had a name but it makes sense the colors are definitely Halloween style.....👍
  9. Thanks Steph. The jar had a bunch of beat up slags and some nice pelts. And some WV swirls
  10. Thanks Alan that totally helps.
  11. Ohhhh I can't wait .. what is in room trading ?.do you just show up ?.should I bring mibs ? Lol so many questions 😅🤣
  12. That's awesome cheese....the bubbles are a nice addition 😀
  13. 🤤🤤👏 Incredible that is an awesome id tool.. Those sunbursts are very colorful I really dig those Thanks for sharing your treasures 👍👍
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