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    I think so. We’ll see if some think it’s an Akro All the colors have me on the Vitro and I think it’s a Keeper. FWIW
  2. How many Dirty Hand-Mades did you get ? The Clam is looking really nice.
  3. I wish I lived in The Marble Belt. Nice score 👍
  4. Holy Crap ! I had to leave and wasn't going to get to see what it finally went for. I wonder if their Snipe Bid was $501
  5. Just wondering if Berry"s Patch is an End of Run since the green,red and white are starting to kinda "wash out" ?
  6. Is a Hybrid now what I use to call an End of Round. I always thought the End Of Round marbles were there one's that were made when the next batch of color combos are being introduced into the new run and the last run's colors are done.
  7. I'll be making Marble Pavers with my Grand Daughter and here friends this summer. I have 10 gallons of Penny Mibs. Hand prints, names and dates and whatever else the want to do with them. They get to pick out how many marbles they can stuff in little bags we give them. Send them home with a bag of marbles and hope they do some marble Show and Tell.
  8. WOW ! That is a amazing. Griff fished a lot didn’t he. Thanks once again for showing and telling us about all the cool stuff
  9. Ron you’re funny ! So you learn something here every week and the rest of us are waiting for the next WVRONS post every day. We learn something everyday when you post.
  10. I remember your posts and scores back in the the days of 2005-and now today. 👍
  11. WOW.....Dream Marbles for me ! I'd put them under my pillow when I go to bed!
  12. I'd say yes. Pelts seem to more bubbles and junk in the matrix. If you ever see what you think might be a little piece of gravel in there it's a piece of the kiln brick from the furnace. FWIW
  13. I don't now enough about the CAC's to say if thats a good deal or not.
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