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The list of people below are all wonderful people who in some way or another have contributed to my marble collecting experience.  While I have commented about some of them I am indebted to all on the list.  Thank you all very much, Joe Street.


Chuck & Diane Brandstetter  Mike Adams        George Sourlis

These four people took me under their wing pretty early in my marble collecting career; to them I am very grateful for their help and willingness to share of their knowledge, experience and that which is of the most value, their time.  Thank you very much.


Ron Shepherd              Michael Johnson           David Chamberlain

These three men have been so generous with their time and marbles that I have been amazed.  They are super marble guys one and all! 


Stephanie Harrison   Cathy Runyan-Svacina  Steve Sturtz  Galen Wilcox

These four people have contributed significantly to the site; Galen’s pictures on Land Of Marbles are what first inspired me to try to figure out how to take pictures of marbles.  He can take a better marble picture using a cell phone camera than I can take using the most sophisticated equipment.  Steve Sturtz has been a driving force in getting me to get this site up and running, he has pushed, poked, prodded and most importantly encouraged me every step of the way.  Steph’s research abilities are second to none; her ability to sift through vast amounts of information and compile it into a readable, logical and concise article is incredible.  I couldn’t have done the Manufacturer Information section without her.  Cathy (The Marble Lady) was very gracious in allowing me to use some of the games from her wonderful book “Knuckles Down”, please make sure you check out her site in the Marble Games Section.


Alan Basinet              Peter Caparelli           Beth & Greg Morris

Beth is the President of the Indiana Marble Club.  She and Greg are responsible for putting on the first marble show that I ever went to.  I have come to understand how much work is involved in putting on a marble event and I am grateful that Beth and Greg put forth the effort which so many people benefit from.  Pete’s Land of Marbles forum is my online marble home.  It was the first forum that I discovered and the one that I always go back to.  A lot of people have learned a lot about marbles on his forum.  Alan Basinet has contributed tons of marble pictures to this site.  He is not only an incredible marble photographer but a super nice guy with a fantastic sense of humor.  Also make sure to check him out in my Marble Links section.


Kim & Eddie Winningham    Art Bowles                 Boyce Lundstrum

Dave McCullough             Steve Smith               Bob Byard

Joe Wilkinson                Nancy Frier                Cliff Thomas

Chuck Garrett               Dan Grocki                 Kenny Duntemann

Jr. Ice                      Rick Rines                  Delilah Davis

Steve (Duffy) Pletcher     Gino Biffany                Art Jones

Vic Mason                    Chris Jones                Steve Splatt

Rhonda Krol                  Shane Decker              John Ives

Dale DeHart                 Trudy & Andy Christian   Ken Humphrey

Bill Bass                      Brian Esteep               Ed Parsons

Eddie & Bobbie Seese       Kris Parke                  Sammy Hogue

Carl & Francesca Fisher    Gary Weisenbarger       Bret Sinclair

John Knapp                  Frank & Ruby Sellers      Joe Lee            

Bruce (Triker) Burkhart    Steve Cogdill               Craig Curry

Roger & Claudia Hardy      Ron Yutzy                  Terry Lundeen

Jim Wiley                    Bud & Joyce Shute        Vern Holm

Vern T.                      Lonnie & Phyllis Conyers   Al Rasmus

Kevin Plummer               Scott Huff                 Nola Morgan

Dave (Griff) Griffey        Susie Metzler              Dean Six

Bill Kaiser                    Rick Robbins               Richard McKnight

Ron Ewers                    Bob Shaw                Chris Carrington

Lizzy Samuli                 Ben Brown               Chris & Carl Jastrzembski


Karen Street                Roland Street              Tura Street    TJ Street Sr.

Thank you to my super wife Karen for putting up with the marble madness and my wonderful children; Roland & Tura for joining in it with me. Also thanks to my dad, Terry "Joe" Street Sr. his marbles were what got me started on this adventure.


All of the folks who participate at the online forums, I have learned a great deal from them.


All of the people who put on marble shows; your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated by this mibster.                           


And last but not least:

Barack Obama, George Bush, Betelgeuse, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Three Blind Mice… OK OK, I’m pulling you leg now but seriously, if I have forgotten to add your name or spelled your name incorrectly let me know.  If I haven’t included you it isn’t that I’m not grateful for your help it is simply the result of having a horrible memory brought about by a terribly misspent youthJ.

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