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** This site was created by Joe Street, who passed away in 2020. Joe was admired in the marble collecting community as a passionate and generous person. Joe created this site with help from others in the hobby, and we are keeping it alive both for his memory and the public's benefit. **

Welcome to  This site is designed for and dedicated to the beginner mibologist.  Mainly it is an identification site, thus there are tons of photos.  Hopefully you will find it useful in figuring out what “that” marble is.  In case you aren’t able to id a particular marble don’t get too hung up on it, a friend of mine is fond of saying “sometimes it’s just a pretty marble”.

The internet is a great resource for learning about marbles however there are two other invaluable resources that you shouldn’t overlook. The first is marble shows; you will be amazed at what you will learn at these events.  Holding a marble in your hand and talking to someone who knows about them is without a doubt the best way to learn.  I had been looking at marbles online for months before I went to my first show and I was blown away by not only the marbles but the willingness of the people there to answer questions and offer suggestions on collecting.  The second thing to consider is the marble clubs, by joining and supporting these clubs you are apt to run into some of the most knowledgeable marble people in the world.  Some of the clubs offer newsletters; often serious collectors will contribute articles to these newsletters that have insights and information that you won’t find anywhere else. The West Virginia Marble Collectors Club or the WVMCC is one of the prominent clubs and their newsletter is dynamite.  They also offer a CD with back issues of articles that is a must for any collector.

There were many people that contributed to the building of this site, some directly and some indirectly.  I’ve tried to list them all here, if you’re not on the list and should be please let me know.

I have received some comments about the site; you can see them and my responses to them here.  If you would like to make a comment or suggestion please e-mail me.

Thank you,

Joe Street

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