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I hope you enjoy these marble articles, if you have an article that you would like to see here please e-mail me.  Also something to keep in mind, some of these articles may be dated or contain inaccuracies.  At the time that they were written the authors I'm sure used the best information that they had.  Sometimes new info comes to light which disproves earlier theories or beliefs.  I haven't tried to correct or change anything, I have reproduced the articles exactly as they were given to me.  If you see something that you feel is incorrect I would encourage you to contact the author and work it out with them.  If they send me a revised article I'll promptly change it on the site.  Thank you, JS

57 Varieties By Chuck Brandstetter
Older Vitro Marbles (Tri-lites) By Chuck Brandstetter
What is a Vitro Tiger Eye? By Chuck Brandstetter
Akro Agate Center Hole Sleeve Boxes By George Sourlis
Vitro Agate Company Boxes By George Sourlis
Gropper's No. 5 and No. 10 Boxes By George Sourlis
The End Of The Slag By George Sourlis
Akro's Earliest Box By George Sourlis
About Marble King By George Sourlis
The Rise And Fall Of The Mesh Bag By George Sourlis
The Akro-Sears Connection By George Sourlis
Akro's First Four Small Display Boxes By George Sourlis
What's An Akro Imperial By George Sourlis
Of Jokers and Jabo By Mike Adams
What's in a name....??? By Mike Adams
Lost My Marbles and I'm Trying to Buy Them Back... By Mike Adams
The Twins Reunited By Mike Adams
Akro Agate Indianapolis By Mike Adams
Back From the Show By Mike Adams
Those JABOs By Mike Adams
Humorous Conversation between Friends By Mike Adams April 1st, 2011
Those Really Pretty Older Vitros That Used to be Called "Mystery Patches" By Chris Carrington
Marble Shows 101 By Chris Carrington
Berry Pink Article Reprinted From The New York Herald Tribune, May 5th, 1940
A Boys Town Excerpts from the book By William Dean Howells
Champion Agate David Chamberlain
Cairo Novelty Company David Chamberlain
Alley Agate David Chamberlain
Heaton Agate Company David Chamberlain
Alox Manufacturing Company David Chamberlain
Jackson Marble Company David Chamberlain
Ravenswood Novelty Company David Chamberlain
C.E. Bogard & Sons Cats Eye Marbles David Chamberlain
Jabo 2003 Fall Classics David Chamberlain
Jabo, Inc, Reno, Ohio David Chamberlain
Jabo October, 2006 Run  David Chamberlain
Jabo Southwest USA Marbles - Jabo Spring 2005 David Chamberlain
Root Beer Floats, Novas and Pink Champagnes David Chamberlain
How 'Bout Them Marbles David Chamberlain
There Be Dragons David Chamberlain 1-30-2011
Akron History Returns To Canal City of Akron News Release-July 2, 2003
Gambians Vote With Their Marbles BBC News-September 22, 2006
Have You Lost Your Marbles Rainy River Record-Ken Johnston-April 30, 2001
Marbles Stars Of The Show This Weekend... The Plain Dealer-Fran Henry-February 5, 2008
Artist Interview-Carl Fisher Glass Addiction-JAC1961-July 11, 2007
Game On! Marbles The Gazette-Dave Philipps-August 4, 2007
In Fillmore, The Kids Are Knuckling Down... Ventura County Star-Brett Johnson-June 6, 2008
Figuring Out The Game Of Rolley Hole Cincinnati Post-Jack Hicks-September 20, 2007
Local Children Aiming For The Title... Penn-Trafford Star-Michael Cristiano-April 9, 2009
Marble Collectors Pitch In To Restore... The Jackson Star-News-Greg Matics-October 9, 2008
Marbles Coach Teaches Values  Denver Post-Claire Martin-August 26, 2007
Collector Knuckles Down  Akron Beacon Journal-Kim Hone-McMahan-August 10, 2007
On A Roll With The Marble Lady  American Profile-Diana Lambdin Meyer-January 27, 2002
Putting The Skinned Knees Back Into Playtime The New York Times-Alex Williams-May 20, 2007
Marbles  San Diego Weekly Reader-Erica Malouf-March 11, 2009
Finding His Marbles In...  The Frederick News-Post Online-Meg Bernhardt-August 5, 2007
Leeds Family On A Roll... Yorkshire Evening News-Suzanne McTaggart-April 16, 2009
A Stones Throw... A Book Review By Elizabeth Farrar
Hey, Jabo, Your Butt Crack is Showing! Steve Sturtz
eBay Business Model Steve Sturtz
Not JUST A MARBLE BOOK Steve Sturtz August 16, 2011
Jabo: Recreated Steve Sturtz March 27th 2012
Alan Basinet Honored by the American Marble Hall of Fame January 19, 2012
Marble Machines, Delivery Systems and Gob Feeders Steve Sturtz June 1, 2012
Old Glass Marbles  Thelma Shull, November, 1941. Article in Hobbies The Magazine For Collectors
Notes on Marble History Mrs. Mary Metzerott, November, 1941. Article in Hobbies The Magazine For Collectors
Marble Collecting Violet Bramer Smith, November, 1941. Article in Hobbies The Magazine For Collectors
Getting Familiar With WV Swirls and Their Patterns Kevin Roberts
Vitro Buttermilks & Buttermilk Variations Kevin Roberts
Has Rich Maxwell Lost His Marbles? Lynn Anderson

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