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  1. I checked out the previous thread about Chris Robinson marbles. It sure looks like something he might of made. Will have to look into more of his work. I bought it with about 9 other old marbles out of a small box of marbles. Wasn’t any modern marbles or cat eyes in the box lots of commons though. Thanks for the info Fred
  2. The second picture is opposite cut line. The yellow and white just swirl around and return to the cut line.
  3. Bought this marble with a few other old marbles. It’s base seems to be transparent red on one side and transparent blue on other side. It has opaque yellow and white glass flowing through it. I think the transparent colored glass makes it seem like it is very colorful. The glass is textured like a handmade German. Size is just under 1 1/4 inches. Bought a green mica, a blue dyed agate, green dyed agate, purple Popeye, a parrot and a few other old marbles with it so I think it is old. Any idea on what it is or when made or by a certain company would be appreciated. Thanks Fred
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