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  1. Swirls I find it hard to identify, so many. Maker and marble name? Your help is appreciated
  2. The surface is very smooth and shiny. It actually looks like Marble
  3. Guessing that this is what is called Alabaster? It is approx 3/4 " Is its a keeper? Thank You
  4. kboo004


    I think this might be a Peltier NLR Red Angel???
  5. kboo004

    ID Help

    Need help 1st group ??? 2nd group maybe Master Marble? 3rd group Mexican? Thank You
  6. I do not know which is which with Swirls, there are so many that look a like please help with names and company. Thank You very much.
  7. Ok I made them larger, I hope this helps. Thank you for your help!!! but they did not go in the order i wanted sorry
  8. Not sure if these are Tigers Eye's Any idea company and if they are very collectible? Thank You
  9. 1st pic top row middle Sunburst Master Marble? 1st pic top row right top Tiger Eye? No idea what the 3rd marble top row left?
  10. I think the top two are Pelts, the top left has a heart shape on one side, how cool is that?? the 2nd one Ox Blood Rainbo? Bottom is a Akro special 3 color I see 3 colors?? Thanks, I think its all starting to come back to me???
  11. I think the 1st one on top left is a NAtl Line Pelt?? 2nd top right kinda reminds me of a butt crack?? Any ideas other than ??? No idea for bottom ones the green marble maybe a Sunburst Master Marble??? Thank You!!
  12. Would it be a three color swirl ? Is it a keeper? Or should I ask is it a very common Marble? Thank You...
  13. Need help on this one. Maybe a newer one or a Jabo? Opps wrong forum. Sorry about the pic quality.
  14. Horse hair Oxblood's, any idea of names or the company who produced these? Thank You
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