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  1. In distant 3rd place tonight. Only 1st place gets a prize.
  2. Thanks! I can't compete with other contestants' vote garnering methods though, so I'm not winning. The one currently in the lead got 80 votes all at once a short while ago. That sure did not happen spontaneously.
  3. I made it into the final round! I would love to have your vote and those of your friends and relatives for the final! My design is: #1 Nasturtiums Spoons Mosaic. I hope to win 5 yards of my fabric and gain some exposure for my fabric design work. Please ignore the dull, dark, and, in some cases, blurry photos of the fabrics. I hope they will redo the fabric photos--they do not show several of the fabrics at all accurately. Fabric Design contest Please pass this on--even if I don't get your vote, all the contestants deserve recognition! Thanks! Jane
  4. I'm in 7th place, and beginning to hope I will make it through to the next round! I really appreciate the support! And it's just such a cool contest, too! I really will have to think about marble fabric someday...
  5. Hi Carole, You don't have to sign up or anything, just go to the contest (link included above). You can vote only once as far as I can tell, but you can vote for up to 3 designs per page (7 pages of designs in contest) in this preliminary round. The top 15 go on to the final for a new round of voting. Thanks! PS what a cute puppy!
  6. If this is not ok, please just tell me so! As most of you know, I used to make marbles but had to stop for health reasons. Now I have entered a fabric design contest and need votes! One of the other contestants has an outrageous percentage of the votes (her design is good, but no better than many others), and I'm trying to at least let her know she isn't the only one with lots of friends, LOL! And maybe next time I can try a marble fabric design... Here is my blub: VOTE for me--or your favorite fabric! This is a great contest for aspiring fabric designers! I created a design inspired by Ancient Roman mosaics. I need to be in the top 15 to move on to the final round next week--I am currently in 14th place, which is too close for comfort! But, if you don't like my design, there are 69 others to choose from, and all the artists deserve recognition for their work! Please also pass this on to anyone you think will enjoy it, even if you don't vote for me! But I hope you will vote for me and will ask your friends to, also! SPOONFLOWER Fabric of the Week Contest: Fabric Design Contest My entry is #3, should you choose to vote for me: Nasturtiums Spoons Mosaic by Jane Walker Again, please pass this on to anyone you think will enjoy it! Thanks! Jane Walker
  7. They were easy to make, but required finicky repetitive movements and mild constant strain on my hands. That combined with, apparently, an immune system and brain response malfunction, resulted in chronic tendon pain even after any possible injury had healed. Most of the time, I'm fine, but I'm not going to risk making the condition worse! It flares up for no reason now and then as it is. The Dragons were the hardest! I do still have one peewee (1/2") dragon available--I took it off my website when I re-vamped it because it had been sitting there for a couple years. It does not photograph well because it is so tiny--the dragon looks squashed, but it isn't really at all, and of course the price scares off people, too.
  8. Like I'm going to have a problem with anyone admiring my work, LOL! If anyone asks me, unless they plan to make money from an image, I am usually delighted to let them use it--especially if it will be seen by other people for educational/informational purposes. If they do plan to make money from it (if it will be in a book, for instance), I simply ask for a usage fee based on expected distribution or sales. And, hey, with the mini marble image, maybe Jill will get more sales--free advertising for her! That is what I provided the image for, to help her sell the marbles she bought from me.
  9. Ahhh! That makes me want to make more! LOL! Yeah, technically you shouldn't have posted the pic--so, "whap" and don't do it again without asking first. Does Jill still have any for sale, I wonder. Haven't heard from her for ages. Gee, maybe I'll get marble-crazy again...not going to make more, though, unless my hands get better and that doesn't look likely. It was the probably mini marbles that did them in.
  10. Hi everyone--I've been gone for ages, and was just updating my website and thought I would come and post a couple links to marble related stuff that I still have on it. Click this link below and it starts you off--then links at the bottom of the intro to more specific info. You can also check my list on the right side of the page for more marble stuff (I STILL haven't added more marbles to my gallery--it still has only some of my very earliest efforts). How to make marbles All these message boards have gotten so fancy! Let's see if my sig. and stuff appears when I post...
  11. Thanks Sue! Those bags are great!
  12. STOP! I'm geting too many ideas! I think I'll keep my current names or I'll just get more confused! Here are my Ultra Peewees:
  13. Bo--no toes stepped on! I just wondered if I was out of the loop as usual ! So there is no standard of any sort--OK! Kokoken--I'll email a link. I've forgotten how to do it here....
  14. Hi Everyone--I've been away from the marble boards for ages, but as soon at I took a peek, I had questions ! I make very tiny marbles, as many of you know. I saw Bo's post about "mirco" marbles--that's a new term to me, and what size is it? I wonder if I should consider some name changes for my marbles. Here are my sizes and my names for them: less than 1/16" = Super Mini Marble 1/16" to 1/8" = Mini Marble 1/8" to 3/16" = Ultra Peewee 3/16" to 7/32" = Peewee (this is new and not available to the general public) I shied away from the word "micro" for my larger marbles because it implies a size smaller than "mini", and my Minis are so called because most of my customers for them are miniaturists and key in on the term "mini". What terms are out in the collecting community for tiny marbles? Thanks! Jane Walker
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