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  1. venwood


  2. venwood

    Marble Names!!!!!!

    That the spirit!
  3. venwood

    Marble Names!!!!!!

    That's a great idea Steph and we can count on lstmmrbls to stay out of it as he think it is a stupid idea take an aspirin and patch your walls and spara50 who thinks only expensive marbles deserve names. Also anyone else who can only hate this idea can stay out too. I checked today and there were 18882 marble listing on ebay today. There are a lot of low end collectors out there who would like there hobby even more if common marble had a name. They would also start joining this forum and other to find out what they have not just the generic and unexciting answers that they get now. I know that people don't like Ebay but it drives what people are collecting. I mean what about all those WV swirls out there that when asked what is this you get oh some company from west Virginia made that and the person who has that marble thinks oh this is nothing and tosses it. There is a rainbow out there that has the same colors as mountain dew but has no name and you can't give it away there is also a rainbow out there called a 7up because of the colors and people will buy and collect it just one example.
  4. venwood

    Marble Names!!!!!!

    you know that people who don't know what they have try to sell on ebay and then they don't sell they throw them away we are losing history!
  5. venwood

    Marble Names!!!!!!

    Does it really matter who names what I think people should start doing it and let the community hash it out. I know that NLR submarine are cool but there are a lot of early rainbows that have that base just one example. I am not talking about changing akro names but the kids of that time did and now it is up to us collectors of the 21 century to start naming them so people will start to save them and not throw them out because they have no value!
  6. If we want this hobby to not die then every marble out there needs to have a name. People coming into a hobby need identification so they know what they have and what they need to complete there collection just like comic book, coins or any other collectable . There are a lot that were named by the kids who used them which is cool but there are bunch out there that never got a name and I think that it is up to the collectors now to finish that job to keep this hobby alive. Just look at all the name to the jabo jokers I saw a cobra jabo sell for a 100.00 on ebay because it was named so I think we as collectors need to start naming a few marbles! THIS IS MY HUMBLE OPINION WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. venwood

    Same Marble

    I just want to know why there cant be submarine early rainbows? Wouldn't that make marbles more collectible to people who happen to find these? The early rainbows right after NLR are some pretty cool marbles and should have name to make them more collectable which will bring more people into the hobby! Everyone that want to alienate rainbows hurts marble collecting as there are more of these marble than NLR.
  8. venwood

    Same Marble

    wow! I have some like that Galen
  9. I have hundreds that I should sell but just can't bring myself to post them drives me crazy!
  10. Give me a number and what you want me to ask him and I will call him.
  11. venwood

    Who Made These!

  12. venwood

    Jabo Sweet Pea!

  13. venwood

    Jabo Sweet Pea!

    Maybe black eyed pea!