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  1. SEHR GUUT! I am thrilled about your website! There are literally thousands of European marbles (early machine mades) that fully deserve recognition as unique objects of art, many as equally as rare (if not more!) than some of the American machine mades. I dont understand why many Americans aren't interested in these as much though. maybe lack of knowledge (or mine).. ...Iam curious as to more info on marble manfacturers throughout Europe...maybe I havent looked hard enough ,

  2. My first thoughts are that ;"If its too good to be true it usually is" Upon observing these, several thoughts came to mind, Where in the world would ANYBODY stumble across this many Gutta Perchas? (a very early game box perhaps?) My thought are that these look like bouncey balls too..If Im wrong well good golly you really scored on this one! (and I'm jealous) haha

  3. Well...this has a turqouis base ,,approx. 1 in in dia. and a patch with dark red and blue tones ,,kinda reminds me of the "lobstertail" type patch found on a Berry Pink,,However the base on this mib is opaque,,but still could this be an MK? Im stumped any input? Thanks soo much Johnny ********************YES!! I'VE FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT ,,NOW YOU CAN VIEW MY PICS AT A NORMAL SCALE...YAHOO.........ENJOY




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