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  1. I believe these to be Peltier Rainbows ..Aqua ...Then a very dark bluish green (almost opaque) .. Then just blue. not sure how common these are ..but Im gonna post them on Ebay for .99 cents for ea. group. Iam about to embark on a marble sale...if theres any thing in particular you'd like to see up for sale drop me a note...Ill see what I can do .. Thanks Johnny [email protected]
  2. Is this a "Blue" gooseberry? thats what Im calling it...I know its not in the best condition ,but havent seen too many of these..
  3. SEHR GUUT! I am thrilled about your website! There are literally thousands of European marbles (early machine mades) that fully deserve recognition as unique objects of art, many as equally as rare (if not more!) than some of the American machine mades. I dont understand why many Americans aren't interested in these as much though. maybe lack of knowledge (or mine).. ...Iam curious as to more info on marble manfacturers throughout Europe...maybe I havent looked hard enough ,
  4. Scrutiny is a virtue.... Its good for all of us..as marble collectors or sellers
  5. LOVE THESE!! But why anyone would keep these bunched in a jar,, is beyond me. such a crime
  6. Sometimes it's neigh,, sometimes it's yeah,, and then sometimes just maybe,,,,,,I have several of these ..my thoughts where that these are quite common...
  7. I dont collect contemps but I have a few of these though..
  8. I think it just needs to be "buffed" out a little.......undernieth it's rough exterior is an "ULTRA RARE" Double lutz triple cyclone zombie!
  9. http://www.metacafe....ooting_marbles/ I know..I know ..there's a "forum" ,,somewhere on this site for this topic..but golly there are sooo many to search through ...I stumbled accross this..gotta kick out of it..thought some of you might like to see it..(most of you probably already have)
  10. Size really is the issue here...I would get a "light" buff leaving the pontils alone as much as possible...
  11. OMG...........Somebodies got there hands full! Gotta love it!
  12. I saw that too....I WILL BE recording that episode!
  13. My first thoughts are that ;"If its too good to be true it usually is" Upon observing these, several thoughts came to mind, Where in the world would ANYBODY stumble across this many Gutta Perchas? (a very early game box perhaps?) My thought are that these look like bouncey balls too..If Im wrong well good golly you really scored on this one! (and I'm jealous) haha
  14. Anybody see this yet?? Iam contimplating on taking out a second mortgage to accuire this gem........hahahahahah Beautiful Vintage Agate Swirl Marble #220675543933
  15. Well...this has a turqouis base ,,approx. 1 in in dia. and a patch with dark red and blue tones ,,kinda reminds me of the "lobstertail" type patch found on a Berry Pink,,However the base on this mib is opaque,,but still could this be an MK? Im stumped any input? Thanks soo much Johnny ********************YES!! I'VE FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT ,,NOW YOU CAN VIEW MY PICS AT A NORMAL SCALE...YAHOO.........ENJOY
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