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  1. Willie!!!!!!!!! 'Great to see you!!! ​Hey!! The old fishbowl is still spinnin'!!!
  2. Scott gets blamed for a lot of things.... Some for good reason, some not... But, this isn't Scott's style. Bob is a known person / nutcase. If he sent threatening, or vulgar messages through ebay, it should definitely be reported!! Though, it would be a shame to ruin the income of a poor Czech starving artist!! (sic)
  3. I was also convinced that CallBob was fake... He sounds like a less knowledgeable Tom Reed. I figured it was Tom acting stupid. But, alas..... I've heard that he is quite real from people who actually know him!! Sometimes, it's really scary when we find out who we share the Earth with!! I have a couple Penn. Dutch marbles... And, I've seen a few more... If that's fake, it's exceptional and we're in trouble. It also has an exceptional color combo. PS.... I may have done some ballsy things in my life.... But, I sure as hell wouldn't threaten Lloyd in the back woods of Pennsylvania!!! @ Lloyd
  4. Oh John.... I'm sending you the best "Marble Karma" I can muster... Hang in, Hon!! And... What Lloyd said..... What a beautiful little boy!!!
  5. As long as we're all reporting private messages, I'll add one to the mix... Actually, there were 2, but only one was really vulgar. At the time, I didn't bother with it.... I'd already written him off an idiot. I'm a big girl, I've heard worse things!!! LOL (Hell, I've said worse things!!! LOL) The marble in the avatar is what I've always called a "Pennsylvania Dutch." Not because it really has any connection to Pennsylvania Dutch. That's just a name somebody (Probably CallBob) started calling them, for loss of a better name... To my knowledge, there isn't any confirmed identity of origin... But, that one sure looks authentic to me (I'm sure CBob will be relieved to hear that!! )
  6. Runnin' later than expected this week.... In the mail today!! Don't sweat the return address!!!! Pass the kindness on. We need it to keep the world an awesome place!!
  7. Bob shouldn't have to do that. I've got all the MCSA newsletters here, from at least the past 10-15 years... Don't you remember which ones your articles were in??
  8. New York mighta looked like after midnight from the Chicago area..... I apologize, Bob... I didn't realize you were published!!! That makes SUCH a difference!! Please tell.... Which articles are yours? I'd love to go back and read them.
  9. One of the coolest people on the face of the Earth!!!
  10. I've received these from a few people... I'm assuming it gets into your address book when you click the link? (Though how would that happen in Alan's case, unless, maybe Gary or Cheryl are checking the mail?) If you find out your email is effected, how do you clear it? I've also gotten a couple of these through Facebook.... It's just like the Old Wild West, here online!!! LOL
  11. Just for the record, Bob (Block) I never doubted your opinion. I was backin' you up!! I should have differentiated between the 2 names, for clarity....
  12. Wow..... I guess Bob tells time the way he sees marbles... Unless NY has changed time zones in the last 24 hours... Honey... i don't need to be jealous... Check the reference credits on some of your books.
  13. Hey Steph, I guess I probably did have reserves about discussing the fine points of how to tell when a marble isn't what the general marble community refers to as a "Scenic China." And, yes... For those reasons... But hey... We can't keep everything secret, either. This marble isn't fake... It's a real marble!! It's china (I presume) and it has a scenic scene painted on it... But, it sure isn't anything near what I would refer to as a "Scenic China..." Bob, you can call it a scenic china, you can call it a Christmas Miracle, or you could call it George... You can ask Bob, you can ask Hansel, you can ask Paul Baumann (I've got his number around here, somewhere...) But, I'll tell ya, I sure as hell am glad I'm NOT the one with more than 25 bucks in it. 'Sorry, man.... But, there's just no way to wish it any different.
  14. Mmmmm, I got one, too..... Kinda creepy and really sad....
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