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  1. In the world of unfairness, this rates up there amongst the highest ever. Dang it will you guys stop croaking please, it saddens my heart to know this kind and brilliant man has left us, Clyde , you will be missed, Rest in Peace my friend,,,, my marble flag will be at half staff for quite a while,,, bj
  2. Amazing sulphides,,, in 3rd pic it almost looks as if there's a buffer between the brass and glass
  3. Priceless artifacts,,,,,,,,, picture? Been doing this marble thing for a while and never even heard of them, a picture? no,,, maybe an old catalog would have them,,, so many things going on here, sulphide,surrounded by cage, and the huge bonus is their in colored glass, ya,, dream find, enjoy them,,, bj
  4. On my tee shirt it would say,,, classy piece of glassy,,,, wow,,, love art
  5. Real nice kokos wow ,,, stain glass cullet MIBs,never know what odd color combo snuck threw, Ric that middle top one ,old Guy gregg used to call them transparent Christmas trees, real tough one to find,, sweet
  6. John,wow, man I was searching Google for you just to see if you were pushing up daisy's, so glad your breathing still, lol,, I called that dog I did for you done last year, wanted to send it, it may not be 100% right but I signed it so it'll be worth 1million dollars some day, ya gotta love humor,,, pm me address I need to finish that quest,,bj
  7. Lolol,, I just finish my health care carving, almost have the pirate ship done, been busy sitting on my rear end trying to figure stuff out,, and doing nothing, very boring,,,I about spit my tea out when I seen that appraisal,,, wow,,,, I lost track of john morority he just upped and vanished, been making good use of the wood he sent me,,,bj
  8. I seen this on roadshow,,, if it was signed it would be worth 150k, yes that's dollars, lol, oh to be famous,,,,, bj http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/archive/201303A40.html
  9. After seeing ken Humphreys blue moonie one time at a show in kokomo, the matrix had a vortex interior it looked like a tornado inside all that with a blue hue, magnificent MiB I never forgot it after all these years,,,, bj
  10. well, the font ive seen on several other things of that era, i know thats not iron clad, but it looks like printing press, i cant see if its dot matrix or solid from pic,, pine tar gum was popular back then, had it one time, horrible gum,,, box just says gum, not speremint peppermint ect.,, also looks like a soldier on the box, could be civil or indian war era,, if its foreign the i dont know the uniform,, just adding up stuff,,, bj
  11. thats awesome, looks like mid to late 19th century,, never seen one,,,bj
  12. sad day in the marble world,, dang it jack you will be missed,,, sucks,, RIP,,,,, john
  13. my favorite pic, photo was taken for me by our good freind Alan, he sure could capture the beauty of a mib,,, MK ruby bee
  14. well hes back and this time hes posted some pics,, not bad but not sure if thats all he has http://limaohio.craigslist.org/clt/4258686040.html
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