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  1. Having that many together sent me to the Billes-en-tete page to see if I would recognize the color combo. I did not see a match. So, possibly Champion. Or maybe one of the modern Asians which resemble Vacors? Or still potentially Vacor. Or Jabo. One of my first thoughts was actually Mid-Atlantic. But I don't think the brown works for that.
  2. We've have a few marble run designers spend some time at the forum. We started this subforum for them: Marble Runs & Marble Games - Marble Connection Possibly the most intricate -- definitely the most famous -- was Jelle Bakker. Some of his Youtube videos went viral. They took off when he had a very professional sounding announcer do play-by-play for some of his marble races. But his videos have disappeared from the two threads that I peeked at just now. That's odd. He still has a Youtube channel. With over a million subscribers. Jelle's Marble Runs - YouTube This young man's father has shared some of what he and his boy have done together: SUPERDASH MARBLES - YouTube So both of those feature races, rather than highly technical machines, but Jelle has a wide variety of runs. I just don't have a good link right now for his more technical ones. I'm definitely being unfair to just single those two out. I need to revisit some of our other marble run makers' threads.
  3. Welcome. I'm getting caught up with some older posts after slacking for awhile. I like your modern Marble King cat's eyes.
  4. I confidently say Modern Marble Kings. I think with white instead of green it's a less common variation.
  5. Nice to have another JABO afficionado.
  6. Steph

    My new kittens

    Well, that was a pretty bad typo. Bibi batted Punkin some weeks ago. 19.2 pound Bibi versus teeny tiny Punkin. Punkin and Bear attack each other a lot but Bear's paws don't carry the wallop that Bibi's can. Now though we feel pretty safe with Bibi and Punkin near each other.
  7. Master, Pelt and ???? I'll guess Champion.
  8. The print may be hard to read on that, but the town was actually in a heat wave that July. Then workmen uncovered a buried snowbank from the spring. And winter fun ensued.
  9. Two Rivers, Wisconsin has Ethnic Fest, Apple Fest, Kites over Lake Michigan, many more. One interesting one is Snow Fest. In July. Celebrating this fun find from 1936.
  10. Steph

    My new kittens

    Little ones working on their new clubhouse ....
  11. A sobering remembrance.
  12. Steph

    My new kittens

    Our friend left this morning. It was actually pretty cool. He makes his cats step outside their comfort zone in a way I wouldn't do to my cats but all of our cats benefited from it. Within two days his two and our two new ones were spending a lot of time in the same areas. Not exactly friends but good socialization. Our touchy basement cat even got some interaction. The kittens explored the basement more. Back when Bear was in a tent to keep her separate because she was taking a long time to recover from being spayed (did I mention that?), the big cat Bibi got aggressive through her threw the mesh tent walls and their was a pooping accident because Bear was so scared and couldn't escape. But now that Bear is out of the tent, she's able to run away, and so though there is still some aggression it doesn't bother me. It's good exercise for Bibi. Bibi needs the exercise. She gained six pounds last year though she hardly eats anything. Bear and Punkin get along okay. She batted him once or twice early on. And he's still very tiny. He's even lost a couple of ounces from his max, which I'm paying close attention to. He's 2 lb 9 oz, down from 2 lb 11 oz. But the vet office said it might just be from how incredibly active he is. He runs everywhere on his mighty hind legs and his floppy little front legs. "" The kittens are almost 5 months and Bear weighs 5 pounds. Uhhhh ... I'm rambling. I should edit. But I won't. Sooooo ... basically things are good.
  13. Steph

    Vitro bag

    I'll give a very rough guess of 1950.
  14. The white in the first view has a look that could be older, but all together I'm leaning Jabo.
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