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  1. I'm not at all sure about these:
  2. 1950's or 1960's for the Blackies here:
  3. I say Pel-teer. Now. I started with Pel-ti-ay.
  4. Cairo Novelty .... I said it with a long i, rhyming with "eye". Ki-row. But I've heard people who knew the area better calling it something closer to Kay-ro.
  5. I called Jabo once to hear how they said it. They said Jay-bo Vit-row. With the soft i, not e, as Ron said. But I often slip.
  6. Steph

    ID assist

    Marble King here -- might have a special name.
  7. Toe breaker? Because of the size? Welcome to the forum, Lucky. Agree with Akro patch.
  8. I sent some by mail with explanations to nieces and nephews. Didn't even get an acknowledgement. I don't say this bitterly ... they're good kids and have sent plenty of acknowledgement of other gifts and communications ... just saying that it was a swing and a miss!
  9. Have a beautiful holiday. And best of luck with your surgery.
  10. Steph

    My new kittens

    Awwww ... still cuddling ... that's sweet
  11. Top could be a West Virginia Swirl. Possibly Alley or Champion. Bottom could be Master.
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