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  1. I'd say newer MK is a very strong candidate.
  2. I'm going to toss in Champion on the middle mainly for the reason that I can't think of anything else it could be. With those colors and that activity, it is a very interesting marble.
  3. That's different. Looks like Vitro and Asian in the same marble.
  4. Did you say large? I'm thinking about Jabo on top. WV on bottom. All Alleys?
  5. I don't recognize it. The seam looks a bit elongated for a Master, but that's my first guess.
  6. Vitro Superior. A member of the Tri-Lite family from the 1930's.
  7. Steph

    And these5

    Christensen Agate on the blue and red. Possibly also on the one beside it. For sure flame on the blue and red. I think Alley on the yellow and white. Four tips might be enough to get that called a flame.
  8. I think maybe Vacor on top. Not sure at all on the middle. The bottom are intriguing. I'm aware of a Peltier Woody, but not aware of a Marble King Woody. I am considering Marble King, but also am considering a modern-ish Vitro. Seems like maybe too many stripes for a Peltier.
  9. Is that blue in the upper right corner if the picture part of the marble? Having trouble thinking of anything with that blue and that green.
  10. I'm getting an Akro vibe there. Is it a "lazy corkscrew"? (not quite a full turn?)
  11. I should be able to tell at a glance. I'm looking at a pic of some of mine and trying to see if I see a match ... and I'm not quite there. They look sort of like my bottom left. Might just be a difference in lighting making me unable to lock in the match. Will wait to hear what others say. Mine:
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