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  1. Modern Marble King on the black and green. Some Jabos also. (agreed on newer)
  2. Are you really their coach? For reals?
  3. Overall a lot of commons. The solid color ones are called game marbles. The transparent ones are called clearies. And you have a lot of cat's eyes. This picture has the most moderately interesting ones, but nothing is standing out to me. If you broke it up into lots which conveniently fit into a small priority mailers you might be able to get up to $100 for even the commons on ebay. Maybe others will see some worth pulling out and giving special treatment. Oh, speaking of special treatment, if you do plan to sell, then be very careful not to knock them around too much
  4. Original bags are nice. I'm guessing less than $20 in value for the bag though. The light green one at the top right here interests me. Larger marbles are often worth more. The blue, yellow and white one here is a nice Marble King. Not rare, I think, but at that size it's nice.
  5. I think that most Alox shoelaces were made in America. Some were made in Japan though. If you can find the Japanese ones, look for marbles on the label.
  6. Maybe not well known? I saw a mention of little Ronnie Howard on Twilight Zone and hoped youtube would have it. Sure enough. And he has marbles. I'm wondering how I could have gone this long without knowing about this particular marble clip. Ronnie Howard 1959 - YouTube
  7. Looks about the same ... avocados are slow growing. I take heart in knowing that the days are definitely getting longer even if I can't tell it yet.
  8. The white doesn't look as solid as I expect in slags but the ribbon is not well defined enough to make me think they're later swirls. So, assuming they're both vintage, I'll say Akro slag on both.
  9. I was thinking of that song, All the Marbles, recently. Wanted to repost it. Instead I'll bump the thread with this helpful ad which I need to look up a couple of times a year.
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