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  1. Steph

    Got these too

    Front left? Looks Pelty to me.
  2. Steph

    3 miles!

    I did 3 miles one more time. Did 1.8 miles a couple of times. Am sitting out for the winter. Am tired from work right now but am looking around for safe exercise options where I don't have to worry about falls. Will be back on the road after the thaw.
  3. Steph

    Tournament Winners

    Thank you for sharing that. I will fix.
  4. The top right one doesn't look MK to me. I suppose MK is possible on the rest. Might consider Vitro on the bottom right. I like that top left one which you highlighted in a solo shot. But does it have any other name besides Rainbow? I don't know.
  5. I'm going with Master. Maybe it would qualify for a Sunburst label.
  6. Sweet. I wouldn't call that common! I may be seeing a seam. I'm wondering if it could possibly be a Marble King instead of the swirl I first thought it was. Just wow.
  7. Some have bands. At least one has a bullseye. They are agates. I'm seeing signs of the damage which comes from some serious marble playing -- which some of us like to see. It would stop those from earning the "mint" label but they would be thought of as veterans instead. 75 years would put them back to 1944. Good chance they're a bit older than that. Call them early 1900's but the popularity of agates goes back even earlier.
  8. Welcome, Kelly. Thanks, Ron. Jabo on #3 in the group photo, right?
  9. Probably Vitro in the middle. Alley on the right?
  10. Steph


    Possibly Akro on the top two on the right. Middle right is Vitro Tiger Eye. Next one down is Marble King Rainbow Red. I don't know on bottom. Maybe modern? On the left, Vitro at #2, 4 and probably 5. Maybe on #3, but I wonder about Akro there. Not seeing much detail on the big one at #1.
  11. Marbles you've thought of parting with -- for money or friendship -- but you just couldn't do it. I bought these from an esteemed seller. It was in facebook offering. The listing was bargain-priced and there were even more marbles than I'm showing here. I couldn't believe there were no takers, so I was trying to help talk the group up, and then I decided I had to have them. Maybe Marble King copperheads just aren't as desirable to others as I expected them to be. But I'm afraid if I ever did part with them I'd have to pay dearly to get any back. So the three copperheads in this group are in my "you better not think about selling these" group. But I guess I _would_ consider giving them away if it were really important to someone.
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