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  1. Not a pontil. This is a machine-made marble. There's a loop in the ribbons there, so it looks like the streaming glass folded onto itself once, and then didn't fully get rounded when the marble went down the rollers. Leaving the indentation.
  2. Marbles really can be a window into history. thanks for sharing
  3. 404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
  4. I was trying to play it safe. I thought Navarre was one of Leighton's ventures, so I thought Leighton would cover it. But I guess I don't remember any more. I've been trusting my memory too much and not double-checking -- which has led to quite a few mistakes in recent days.
  5. I don't find marbles often ... anywhere ... so I celebrate even finding bananas in an antique store.
  6. Hi. You're correct about them being modern. However they're Vacor rather than Jabo. This is a useful page for identifying Vacor style names. https://www.billes-en-tete.com/liste_billes.php I'm seeing Neptune, Butterfly and ... hmmm ... is that an iridescent finish on the bottom group? If so then maybe Katydid?
  7. I'm no good at all with value here. I usually don't try to put a name on the German handmades, but I think I got this one right. Hopefully someone else will be by to give you a general idea of value.
  8. Hi. Welcome. German handmade onionskin, from the 1800's or early 1900's.
  9. My first thought on the first one was Vacor, but then I decided it looked like a Jabo sweet peas. I should have checked out the Vacor page to see if my first hunch was right.
  10. Hi. Possibly Vitro on the far right. Maybe Master in the middle, or a modern one with the Master-like cutlines. Now I see that #2 has similar cutlines. So Master if vintage or if modern those colors could mean Vacor Sunset. I think Jabo on the left and on the big yellow one.
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