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  1. Probably Vitro. Not the main view I'd want to see to be sure, but yeah, probably.
  2. Are the single pictures big ones? Yeah, most if not all Jabo.
  3. Not by itself. UV glass can be old, new or in between. But together with other clues, it can matter.
  4. Steph

    8 for ID help

    I don't want to be too much of a pain. The bulletin board resizes your larger pictures, you may have noticed. So if you have a lot of non-marble space around the edges, it can make the actual marbles pretty small. So, for future reference, trimming off the edges could be helpful. Or just moving in on the marbles until more of the viewscreen is filled with marbles to begin with. Okay ... so what do we have here? I think 2nd the left on the bottom row is one of your Akros. The one above it looks similar in coloring, but might be a West Virginia swirl. (I'm leaning strongly to WV swirl on that upper one.) The green one on the top row, second from the left, could possibly be a folded up Akro. Or maybe a Vitro. Or maybe a WV swirl but with a very simplistic pattern. The bottom right is similar. My first thought is WV swirl, but I suppose it's possible it could be an odd patch. WV swirls for the rest.
  5. Too big of a group, too small of views for the marble. And hard to identify which ones we're talking about. That said, the second row on the left appears to be a Peltier Rainbo. So does the marble on the right of the top row. I see at least one of the ones you're thinking could be an Akro Cherry Ade. I agree that at least one of them is Akro -- Row 4. I know that style as Moss Agate. I think it might have more than one possibly collector's name. Maybe some kind of Ade. One person I know might call it a Tomato Ace. I stick with Moss Agate, but I'm in the minority. Not seeing enough to make out anything useful about the green one.
  6. Akro on the green and red patches Do start a new thread which each new group. That will make it easier to get feedback ... and to keep track of the feedback.
  7. Cool box. The marbles are Jabo Classics.
  8. I guess Master on #8. No guesses on the swirls ... other than the general 'maybe Champion" or "maybe Alley" which means nothing.
  9. I can't swear it's not CAC. The colors also kinda say Akro, but I don't see signs that this was meant to be a cork.
  10. I think you have a Czech bullet-mold marble there.
  11. Hi. Not green hornets. Looks like modern Marble Kings.
  12. This is what the search engine pulled up about sonic cleaners: Oddly enough I was one who posted about sonic cleaners ... but I was collating advice from others.
  13. I thought about Ravenswood on #5, because I know they did white and blue in clear. But the examples I remembered had been brighter and crisper so I dug out my other sets and the Jackson looked quite close.
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