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  1. Hi. Welcome. That does look like glass to me. More views might help with the ID.
  2. I've decided. I'm going to sift the dirt off and put it in a baggie and then clean the marbles and put them in my Pennsboro box. I better do that before too much Wisconsin dust gets mixed in with the WV dirt.
  3. a magazine cover from Paul Germann
  4. Yup. European. (Veiligglas, Amsterdam) on the large flamy ones.
  5. At the end of November you get a bag of dug Alleys and now it's February and you're still not sure if you want to wash off the dirt .... That's West Virginia dirt!
  6. Steph


    Vitro sounds good. I am not familiar with "neon conqueror". My first thought is that this would be a Tri-Lite. Not sure about that. But if Tri-Lite then age estimate is about ten years older than Conquerors. *goes off to learn about "neon conquerors"*
  7. Steph


    oh yes! CAC all the way!
  8. For tournament play the max size is usually 3/4". I remember getting a Marble King bag which said a shooter in every bag but it was hard to tell which marble was slightly larger than the rest. When I found it, I had the impression that it was close to 5/8" and the rest of the marbles may have been slightly smaller. So, for small fingers, shooters could be considered notably less than 3/4". And then in the unofficial category, there is the common practice of referring to everything 3/4" and larger as shooters. So how about that for covering every marble size higher than 9/16" ....
  9. Hi. Mix of new and oldish. Nothing is jumping out (to me) as remarkable. For specific ID's best to have just a few marbles per thread. And have them arranged in a way which makes it easy to to indicate which one is under discussion. Sometimes multiple views will be needed. The black marbles with speckles are newer ones and are not from the U.S. That style is still in production. The largest marble could be a Marble King -- not getting a good feel for what decade it might be from. The bottom middle in the bottom picture (do you see how this could start to get confusing really quickly? ) ... that might be a Master, from say the 1950's, but I'd need at least one more view before I was confident.
  10. A game of marbles sure needed a lot less expensive equipment than most of the games I hear about these days. Could become a champion with very few resources.
  11. Cleaning up some old photo accounts and I keep finding fun stuff. Might as well post it, eh? Wine glasses featuring marbles.
  12. I'll say yes to Ravenswood on the left. Then I'll bow out!
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