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  1. Steph

    Modern or vintage

    Modern on the right. For sure. On the left? The structure looks a little vintage but I see why you're unsure. I'm leaning modern myself.
  2. Steph


    Goodness. The coloring and the ribbon ends look modern to me. Mostly.
  3. Steph

    Help identifying

    I was thinking maybe Akro or Anacortes Vitro on the third. Which could mean anywhere from the 1930's to 1990 on that one! But since the grouping is mostly older, I guess lean away from the Anacortes idea and more to the Akro idea (or what Richard said).
  4. Steph

    Help identifying

    You're right about these being Benningtons. As to how modern marbles get into older collections ... it almost always manages to happen. Someone knows where the marble jar is and slips some newer ones in there. Maybe. And as to how to tell ... oh, that is a long story. Sometimes colors or textures. Often structure. This one doesn't look too very new. Could be from an intermediate period. Vintage is usually considered before 1970. Maybe this is from around then. But the colors and structure look _more_ like a modern Mexican or Asian marble than they do like the closest American marbles they resemble. The way the ribbons join at the short seam in your picture here makes this one look closest to being a Master marble, if it were American. That is a "seam" or a "cutline", by the way, not a pontil in this photo. Pontil would be for a handmade or handgathered marble. This is machinemade.
  5. Steph

    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello, Chad. Welcome.
  6. Steph

    Help identifying

    I don't see pictures. P.s. when posting a lot of ID threads, it would be helpful not to name them all the same thing. A title such as "Bennington?" would help a lot.
  7. Steph

    Help identifying

    Many beads were made with the same materials as marbles were made with.
  8. Steph

    Help identifying

    Wow @ your lutzy one. Second one is a German handmade, but I'm not sure of the style name. Third one might be Master.
  9. Steph

    Help identifying

    These would be modern marbles, and foreign. Mexican or Asian.
  10. Steph

    Help identifying

    Possibly Master on the first two.
  11. Steph

    Help identifying

    At close to an inch and swirly, that first one might be Jabo. Or it might be Alley.
  12. Steph

    More oddballs

  13. Steph


    I have a special fondness for those.
  14. Steph

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    Ron? @wvrons
  15. Steph

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    That too.