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  1. quite beautiful ... I have no guesses for it. It's looks like a little bit of several makers .....
  2. This one could be a Vacor OId Fashion. DETAILED INFORMATION (billes-en-tete.com)
  3. If any are translucent ... like say if the one on the left here is translucent, then that could mean a less common vintage marble. There's a translucent Akro known as a Flintie. And there's a translucent Master known as a Cloudy. But in general, it's really hard to do much with solid color marbles. So many people made them over the decades and still today. And it's tricky to confirm the IDs of flinties and cloudys in photos.
  4. Many people have gotten wound up over names, for sure. When I started collecting, the "elders" that I encountered were much more conservative about naming. They had participated in the naming of a few marbles, such as the Vitro Superior, but they weren't in a hurry to name many more. Also, frustration was occasionally expressed at how some marble name they had chosen had grown to cover a lot of other marbles that they didn't mean to have covered. In the past ten years though, the naming of marbles has certainly gained popularity, so I've had a lot of time to come around to
  5. Size? Definitely Vacor on the top two. A Red Panda and a Serpent. The third could possibly be a Vacor Old Fashion, but it's not a certainty. If you found it with a bunch of other Vacors, then yes, probably. If you found it with some vintage marbles, then maybe it's an Alley. The fourth I don't recognize. Vacor seems like a possibility but I don't recognize what style it could be.
  6. Beautiful marble. I don't think Marble King. The three things I'm considering are Vitro, Akro and non-American.
  7. I have confused you over seams. I made you think that tight connections at seams meant Marble King. On that particular marble that we were talking about the colors made me think Marble King, but the gap made me think the marble might be non-American. In this group I'm still not able to tell any of them apart -- still think most of them have potential to be Vitro or Akro or Marble King and I can't tell. But I will say that the pattern on the red and white marble on the left here is very Akro. The blue and white marble on the right in the next picture also has the Akro patt
  8. I'm going to break this one off into its own thread because I think it's so different, I'd like to highlight it.
  9. Steph

    Few more

    I agree on it maybe being a flintie. I was sort of holding back because I didn't have a good feel for the structure. Maybe Champion on the first marble?
  10. Steph

    Few more

    Some kind of game marble on the red.
  11. Steph

    Few more

    Considered Akro cork. But I'm leaning handgathered slag.
  12. Steph

    Few more

    Marble King Bumblebee
  13. Perhaps these pictures show what I mean about my known Marble Kings not having the gap I'm seeing on your marble. Some Marble Kings that I specially took seam photos of: Here's the opposite side. I do see a couple of very slender gaps: Compare those seams to the seam in the photo below. The colors below are ones you could see in a Marble King, and the seam is long and fairly flat like you often see in Marble Kings. But the ends of the ribbons on your are more feathery and they are more separated from each other than what you see in my photos.
  14. I'd so not very common with such a distinctive pair.
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