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  1. I moved into a new rural neighborhood recently where children play outside all day riding bikes, walking along the streams, even playing in the rain. Reminds me of my childhood. I was chatting with a group of them today while on a walk with my father and told them I had some marbles to share if they were interested. Their eyes lit up and one girl excitedly told me she thought all her bouncy balls were marbles, but she realized she did not have any actual marbles. Later I came back outside with two jugs: my commie game marbles, and my special jug of wounded placeholders. The four
  2. Here's how they make the extremely large ones:
  3. Wow, very nice lot of very hard-to-find marbles. I don't think I have seen any of those in the wild. Had to trade to get mine.
  4. Thanks! I would say my aggies are my favorite marbles. The middle one is contemporary but 99% of the others are hand-faceted.
  5. Guessing most of my fellow marbleholics can relate to when you think you shared a photo of your collection, you later discover enough marbles elsewhere in your house or garage to comprise another entire collection.
  6. Seriously! When I saw them I had no idea what they were. Figured contemporary. This score was frozen in time, two old marble bags with almost everything in mint condition. At the time it was dark and I only briefly glanced into the bags. They wanted $40 and I gave them $60, not realizing what I had until I got home. Naturally I have traded all but two of the AV Royals (totally regretting that) but managed to keep most of the nicer corks. I also traded/sold some of the Pelts (kept the Christmas tree) and once again, regretting that. I never learn!
  7. Welcome, Chad! Maybe the new reputation system will get some of those FaceBook marble group folk over here.
  8. I never could photograph this cork but video does it some justice. akro special.mp4
  9. I dig those Euro Sparklers. Have only found a few in marble lots in the USA. Those speckled looks suspiciously like candy jawbreakers. Have you tasted one?
  10. Hah! A single pee-wee clearie would bring little comfort. I think for added torment, it should be an untinted clearie with zero bubbles to marvel at.
  11. I decided to make a sticky post for people to share their exciting marble scores. Such posts always inspire but they get lost over time, so let's post them here where they will remain on top. Sadly I have not had a good score in a long time, but this score from 2017 was my greatest of all time, worthy of sharing here. Please refrain from asking here whether featured marbles are for sale/trade. If the owner wants to sell, they can post in the buy/sell forum. Thanks!
  12. Wow it's almost as if Peltier saw into the future with those color combos. The Pelt peewees are truly gorgeous. I have a couple but not Christmas Trees.
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