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  1. Moderators can restore deleted posts, if that helps?
  2. Unfortunately you cannot "polish" photos with this many problems. The sharpening tools can't work miracles.
  3. ...you want pristine and special, but so often the glory is ruined by damage, or in my case, blurry focus. Spent 20 minutes trying to capture young Harlequin duck shooting the rapids and finally had my shot but it came out in NM- condition (or worse). Still, you can tell what a beauty it might have been.
  4. Wow that's a very healthy collection. Enjoyed variety and nice orderly layout.
  5. Ad from April, 1944, San Fernando Valley Times.
  6. It is a bit daunting. I flirted with this idea before but the wheels came off when I started to try to gather collector names. If I were doing this I would start with a tabular data source like Excel or the free Google Sheets or https://airtable.com/pricing, then link to that on the forum or try to paste it from the source into a forum-friendly format. I spent an hour one evening starting one for Vitro but never got more than this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cxNKBi4Q8P9U0P0nu2EhGeFESowGD3VZVF89sA5k06o/edit?usp=sharing
  7. And the USPS costs have skyrocketed. Does not bode well for economy methinks.
  8. Yup! First laserdisc game. They also did Space Ace and another I think?
  9. I sold something recently, a 12" replica working vintage video game called Dragon's Lair, for $384 (cost me $149 originally). eBay took $53 in fees and I paid $47 to ship it 1,200 miles USPS priority mail. I listed it as free shipping assume it would be about $20 in shipping. It weighed under 6lbs. I still made some money off the deal but simply not worth it. I could have sat on it another five years and watched the value double or triple as these were sold out. I had no idea postal costs had skyrocketed so much. I returned a single caster wheel for my BBQ that was the wrong size. I stuffed it in a small box and the cheapest shipping was $15, half the original price! If you were an 80s kid like me you may really enjoy these Replicade arcade recreations. Truly works of art!
  10. Does it do Peltish things inside beneath the veneer?
  11. Mibgirl26 is now banned for vulgar insults against another user in another topic. As you were my fellow mibsters!
  12. I added a new rank for @Steph : Marble Queen Anyone with more than 100k reputation points gets this, but the person closest to Steph has 24k points so I think it'll be a while before I have to worry about a more gender-neutral badge.
  13. It's a new feature in the latest board update but I barely understand it myself. Currently I believe it is only ranking based on one year of data. Otherwise it would take too long and too many computing resources to calculate. Sadly that means Steph doesn't get a "Marble King" badge for having more than 25k posts, but maybe I can cook something up! https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/drum-roll-pleaseā€¦-announcing-achievements-r1227/
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