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  1. Nice aggie! It is always refreshing and exciting to find a genuine antique lot of marbles these days. It always gives me hope there's more out there...
  2. Not bad for Montana! Hard to find anything pre-1960s here.
  3. That's actually one I would like too assuming it has a wicked 9 and is as large as they come.
  4. I almost made a $1 offer on the Alley Galaxy, but stopped when I realized I'd be paying $5 with shipping.
  5. My Montana town finally got fed up with the lockdown and have been having cruises on Fridays. Living in the 4th largest state with only 1 million residents has its advantages:
  6. Hey that might make a neat night light. A blacklight covered in glowers.
  7. Nice variety dish mixing it up but they seem to go together.
  8. Another forum did this years ago during Christmas. As a sender and recipient, I found it enjoyable but I did not have to manage it. I'm too busy to manage it, but I can help with ideas and such. I recall everyone submitted their info privately to a manager, who then randomized the match ups and contacted everyone with their recipient info. There were also deadlines to ensure each got his/hers within a few days of each other. I think rules such as the following would ensure more fun: 1. Agree to send at least $10 in marbles at current street value. This allows newer collectors to participate but ensures everyone gets something fun. 2. When people sign up, have them tell the manager how long they have collected and what their favorites styles/makers are. This optional info can help a designated sender create a more exciting marble mail if their collection allows. I'd rather send hybrid cats to a cat-eye lover than a nice cork they won't appreciate. It could also end up being more fun if people were matched semi-randomly based on how many years they have collected. That way the stuff they are getting is more of a match to their experience. Thoughts?
  9. Kinda makes one wonder how they ever figured this stuff out in the first place.
  10. Don't forget you can boil your agates in lard to hide those moons!
  11. Hi there! Right now the gallery settings appear to be very generous, even unlimited. Movies aren't allowed, however. Since I took over running the site there hasn't been a lot of gallery usage or questions, but galleries should definitely stay on topic, i.e. no cat photos unless your cat is playing with marbles. Posting limits are pretty generous too, but members can't hide or delete their own posts (this setting was set when I inherited the site). To save disk space the board will resize post images to 1920x1080. I just increased that from 1024x768. This has proven helpful to the inexperienced users who did not know how to resize their own camera photos prior to posting, and therefore could not fit their photos in a post. I believe the per post size limit is 50mb. I hope that helps!
  12. Those are fun and colorful. If they came with marbles, I assume most came with clays or slags?
  13. In a similar vein, this Aug 22, 1863 Lancaster Gazette article quotes the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine:
  14. From The Ottawa Free Trader, Dec. 15, 1855. I had not seen this article before. It has interesting details on the dyeing processes. There isn't a legible OCR text so I'll try to post images of it here in order.
  15. That's just fine. Collect what makes you smile, not what others say are top shelf. Some of my $10 hand cut agates give me more warm fuzzies than a CAC cobra marbles that somebody paid $300 for. Of course, if CACs were common, I'd certainly collect more of them.
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