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  1. This forum used to recognize the BBcode for inserting images as discussed in this thread with the img tag encased in brackets, but the recent major update disabled that. Now it works again just like so (I'm copying cheese's original post example):
  2. Well I was right: it was disabled in the update, but there is still an option to enable it, so I checked that. They did warn that it may go away in future versions though.
  3. I will ask support why. There was a major update in the last month that may have disabled this feature. [img]https://i.ibb.co/BCY9hT0/DSC06301.jpg[/img]
  4. bumblebee


    [img]https://i.ibb.co/B2BpQ4t/Copy-of-Presentation-Untitled-Design-49.jpg[/img] how's this
  5. Wow that first pinkish one is amazing. Always a rare color but I doubt I have even half that much of that color in all my Masters. Nice!
  6. My aggies are still among my most prized marbles. I spend more time looking at them than my glass marbles. I think part of that is because I can handle them and not worry about chipping them.
  7. With marble history there is so much more to find out what we don't know about.
  8. Very nice. A couple in there I've never found in any condition.
  9. Nice juicy pelts! Imagine the thrill back in the day having access to brand new boxes of these mint beauties.
  10. Here's a couple of articles. From 1925 Los Angeles Times: And from 1924 Los Angeles Times:
  11. I'd trust your memory over mine but some searching at newspapers.com reveals the earliest instance of "snot agate" is 1914 where they do not describe it at all. A 1921 article from Kansas, however, mentions a "cloudy" being worth three "chinese" and then mentions a "brandy" being equal to "two glassies" thus perhaps suggesting a cloudy is not glass. I mention that because a couple of weeks later somebody wrote in and said "The 'cloudies' mentioned were perhaps the kind that went by the polite name of 'snot agates' with us." Whether he is right about a cloudy being nicknamed a snot agate,
  12. My slags have all become snot-agates thanks to this great little article from The Yale Democrat (Yale, Oklahoma), 24 Mar 1920:
  13. That's a long career in marble collecting. I bet you have some real killers!
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