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  1. I've always wondered whether the Tiger Eye ones were faceted, assuming the Germans did make them. Here's the closest I can get to photographing the facets on the quartz one.
  2. Bought an awesome lot of agates that included two mineral spheres. The big clear sphere was clearly machine ground, so I assumed the pinkish smaller one was too. Then today I looked at it under the loupe and was shocked to find tons of facets just like the real agates. I don't have a macro lens right now so you'll have to trust me. Lesson learned: always put a loupe on those mineral spheres as apparently those crafty Germans did make some non-agate ones.
  3. Very old lot, maybe somebody's grandparent brought them over from Europe.
  4. Are you trying to overturn decades of marble collecting folklore with your new-fangled scientific experiments? 😋
  5. I recall there was a thread on this ages ago that even had lashes on some Akro glassware. It had me thinking that I can't recall seeing a lot of photos of non-corkscrew Akros with lashes.
  6. May she rest in peace. Sounds like a great lady. Would have been a great trip to visit a lively lady with a passion for marbles in old Amsterdam!
  7. I'm with Schmoozer. I have too many of certain types (like Vitro Tiger Eyes) that I have no practical way of displaying (enjoying) so I want to thin those out and focus on displaying the favorites creatively. I'm also thinking of putting all my individually stored "odd ball" marbles into a single container that I can look at all the time. So many weird ones bunched together would be far more interesting to my eyes, though my instinct to not have mint marbles touching may need some coaxing.
  8. Very sorry to hear this. I enjoyed many of his posts over the years.
  9. Merry Christmas to you too. We had a dusting of snow this AM but as you can see, the sun is going to take it away. I won't complain about getting snow and sun on Christmas Eve!
  10. Wow....all incredible marbles. I don't even know what the top one is, but I found myself making cave man noises over it. Hope to see more angles of them after Christmas. Clearly you are worthy of these nice marbles. Thank you for sharing the joy of extended Christmas marble mail with us!
  11. Very nice assortment of Christmas colors. That reminds me, I still have a lot of shopping to do!
  12. Wow nice Easter Egg. The case would look nice anywhere in the house and you could use it to train guests to spot marbles you like next time the find them in the wild.
  13. Hah! I believed you. I wouldn't fault you for it. Peeking isn't the same as opening according to some scholars.
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