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  1. Moderators can restore deleted posts, if that helps?
  2. Unfortunately you cannot "polish" photos with this many problems. The sharpening tools can't work miracles.
  3. ...you want pristine and special, but so often the glory is ruined by damage, or in my case, blurry focus. Spent 20 minutes trying to capture young Harlequin duck shooting the rapids and finally had my shot but it came out in NM- condition (or worse). Still, you can tell what a beauty it might have been.
  4. Wow that's a very healthy collection. Enjoyed variety and nice orderly layout.
  5. Ad from April, 1944, San Fernando Valley Times.
  6. It is a bit daunting. I flirted with this idea before but the wheels came off when I started to try to gather collector names. If I were doing this I would start with a tabular data source like Excel or the free Google Sheets or https://airtable.com/pricing, then link to that on the forum or try to paste it from the source into a forum-friendly format. I spent an hour one evening starting one for Vitro but never got more than this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cxNKBi4Q8P9U0P0nu2EhGeFESowGD3VZVF89sA5k06o/edit?usp=sharing
  7. And the USPS costs have skyrocketed. Does not bode well for economy methinks.
  8. Yup! First laserdisc game. They also did Space Ace and another I think?
  9. I sold something recently, a 12" replica working vintage video game called Dragon's Lair, for $384 (cost me $149 originally). eBay took $53 in fees and I paid $47 to ship it 1,200 miles USPS priority mail. I listed it as free shipping assume it would be about $20 in shipping. It weighed under 6lbs. I still made some money off the deal but simply not worth it. I could have sat on it another five years and watched the value double or triple as these were sold out. I had no idea postal costs had skyrocketed so much. I returned a single caster wheel for my BBQ that was the wrong size. I stuffed it in a small box and the cheapest shipping was $15, half the original price! If you were an 80s kid like me you may really enjoy these Replicade arcade recreations. Truly works of art!
  10. Does it do Peltish things inside beneath the veneer?
  11. Mibgirl26 is now banned for vulgar insults against another user in another topic. As you were my fellow mibsters!
  12. I added a new rank for @Steph : Marble Queen Anyone with more than 100k reputation points gets this, but the person closest to Steph has 24k points so I think it'll be a while before I have to worry about a more gender-neutral badge.
  13. It's a new feature in the latest board update but I barely understand it myself. Currently I believe it is only ranking based on one year of data. Otherwise it would take too long and too many computing resources to calculate. Sadly that means Steph doesn't get a "Marble King" badge for having more than 25k posts, but maybe I can cook something up! https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/drum-roll-please…-announcing-achievements-r1227/
  14. Gorgeous but for my mileage I'd rather spend $14k on random eBay lots so I have something to pick through every day.
  15. I moved into a new rural neighborhood recently where children play outside all day riding bikes, walking along the streams, even playing in the rain. Reminds me of my childhood. I was chatting with a group of them today while on a walk with my father and told them I had some marbles to share if they were interested. Their eyes lit up and one girl excitedly told me she thought all her bouncy balls were marbles, but she realized she did not have any actual marbles. Later I came back outside with two jugs: my commie game marbles, and my special jug of wounded placeholders. The four of them saw me with a jug under each arm and rushed over. I said they could take five from the common jug and one--any one they want--from the special jug. I told them some of the special ones were more than 100 years old. "Look how colorful they were for being so old," I said. They were excited but gave me one more glance to ask whether I was sure they could do this, then they dove in. After about 10 minutes they had all chosen. We agreed the little boy probably ended up with more than five, but nobody complained. The precocious 9-year-old girl latched on to my only sulphide, a beat-up bear(?). I told her that one was rare and more than 100 years old. Then they all dashed away to play. 30 minutes later, I heard a light knock on my door. The girl who took the sulphide had all her marbles in a small basket. She eagerly told me she had invented a game over on the dirt patch that sounded just like a real game of marbles to me: she made five holes in a big circle for the five marbles, and one big hold in the center for the sulphide, and tried to roll them all into the holes. It was such a wonderful feeling for me to be reminded of my childhood, and to realize that childhood can be much how it was in my day. For the childlike at heart, marbles are always fun and beautiful. Now my only sulphide is back where it belongs, in the wild in the hands of a child. No doubt I may have planted a few seeds today that could one day sprout into a future marble collector. Have you been able to share the joy with future generations as well?
  16. Here's how they make the extremely large ones:
  17. Wow, very nice lot of very hard-to-find marbles. I don't think I have seen any of those in the wild. Had to trade to get mine.
  18. Thanks! I would say my aggies are my favorite marbles. The middle one is contemporary but 99% of the others are hand-faceted.
  19. Guessing most of my fellow marbleholics can relate to when you think you shared a photo of your collection, you later discover enough marbles elsewhere in your house or garage to comprise another entire collection.
  20. Seriously! When I saw them I had no idea what they were. Figured contemporary. This score was frozen in time, two old marble bags with almost everything in mint condition. At the time it was dark and I only briefly glanced into the bags. They wanted $40 and I gave them $60, not realizing what I had until I got home. Naturally I have traded all but two of the AV Royals (totally regretting that) but managed to keep most of the nicer corks. I also traded/sold some of the Pelts (kept the Christmas tree) and once again, regretting that. I never learn!
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