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  1. Ok lets give this one another shot. Describe the colors, is white the base in your opinion? Is there any transparency in the colors/color--I thought that I saw some blue in your original post. This is a fun one for sure--really crazy cutlines/seams/folds--but fun. Marble--On!!!
  2. akroorka

    Any ideas

    I agree--Great marble and a great set of images. Marble--On!!
  3. Earthtone marbles with a bit of color always wind my clock--Nice one.
  4. This is some great research Chad--keep on keepin on. Marble--on!!
  5. akroorka


    Bump-- Lets hear some more one his one . Take a dive and call it. I have Pelts that look like the last image is all that I can say. Marble-On!!
  6. akroorka

    Any ideas

    It looks old, 30MM is pretty big for an Akro. I have not seen a MFC in green this large. I cannnot name any recent makers of green slags. I wish that I could see the end of the tail. If it is hand-gathered or not --I am not ready to say at this point---it is pretty big for a machine made slag. Nice large slag to be sure, regardless. More input needed. Marble--On!!!
  7. Sorry Mojo, you will need some better images to get an ID on this one. Try some natural light. Marble--On!!!
  8. This pretty much shows what I see when a new Akro lands in my lap. Hypnotic or maybe Akronoctic—Nice job! Sooooooooooooo---Niiiiiiiiicccceee--lol Marble—On!!
  9. akroorka


    Well, If the smaller one is not a Peltier marble I have to go back to school--no big suprise. I will stick with my original MK ID on the big one. Marble--On!!!
  10. Great job--The one on the right needs to be lit up--UV lit up I mean----- Tell us how you did this--- Ringer---on and Popeye on as well!!!
  11. I have noticed the same thing not only with agates but with German handmades as well. The hobby is getting a boost from Covid no doubt--I try to stay positive--lol. It may be time for a nice "Hand Faceted Agate" post. I really dig at the ones with multiple hits, how many Akros did those things destroy? Bring it on and Marble--On As well!!!
  12. Great way to think out of the box Bruce---they do come in different scents however. Mint would be my fave. Minty fresh Marbles--On!!
  13. Well this one is different. I would like to see a few shots in the sunlight just to get an idea of the colors, try a darker backgound. I operate from a PC and was unable to correct the image for colors. I think that some are hiding. The third image has a different seam or "new to me" at least. Well worth another look or several. Marble--On!!!
  14. akroorka


    You might just have a nice rare one there. I do not think that the big one is a Pelt, my first impression is an MK. They may both go by the same name however. Gets us some more images showing all sides and some nice shots of the color. These are worth multiple looks and opinions. If you redo the title to something like----Copperheads? You may get some more responses quick. I cannot call them but I sure can try to help with getting more attention for these two. Nice ones for sure. Marble--On!!
  15. The way that the cutoffs do not quite seal into the glass points me to Marble King. You can almost feel the seams with your fingernail. I have found this to be a common thing with MK marbles and the cutoff marks look right as well. More input is needed on this one. The green AV shows up in the green colors in marbles of all makers. This could be a topic on it’s own. I have a few Olive Drab/White Akro corks that have a little AV in the green and they are the rarest company to exhibit AV in their glass. Marble—On!!!
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